Virtual Yoga Benefit

Saturday, April 24

8:00 – 9:30 pm EST

Join us for an evening of peace and calm as we experience Hatha yoga, taught by instructor Zainab Jawadi. All bodies and abilities welcome.
Your donation will help provide critical aid to refugee families fleeing violence and persecution.
(*10am Sydney 4/25)

Event Details:

What do you mean “virtual?” Will I be on camera?

To access our virtual yoga benefit, you’ll just need a device that can access our zoom webinar. You will not be on camera. 

Do I need special equipment?

All you need is a computer/tablet to watch, a yoga mat or beach towel, and a water bottle.

I’ve never done yoga before. Is this for me?

YES! We welcome all bodies and abilities. 

Can the people I live with join me?

Absolutely! Make it a family affair or grab your roommates for a fun and meaningful Saturday night.

Where does my donation go?

Your donation goes to Carry the Future, which will be used to provide critical aid items to refugee families in need.

Meet the Instructor

Zainab Jawadi is a Yoga Teacher based in Sydney, Australia.

Originally from Iraq, Zainab found Yoga a helpful way to connect with peace and calm when she resettled in Australia. Zainab now shares trauma informed yoga that’s suitable for all bodies and abilities, helping others connect with their inner calm. 

She has a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Western Sydney, is a Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Impact Charity sharing Yoga with refugees healing from torture and trauma and is a refugee caseworker. 

Join our virtual yoga benefit

  • Find peace and calm
  • Be a part of a community
  • Do something for yourself
  • Learn from someone new
  • Challenge yourself
  • Raise awareness for refugees
  • raise money to provide critical aid for families in need