Who We Are

We’re an organization of volunteer staff and global volunteers who are committed to serving refugee families with love and dignity. We focus on filling in gaps to provide critical support to refugee families. Today, we are focused on families’ needs in 2 specific ways – providing diapers and wipes and providing nourishment for children in schools and learning centers.

We seek to both build awareness of the refugee experience and offer opportunities to volunteers around the globe to both understand and support families in their communities. We work with trusted partners on the ground to deliver aid with dignity. Today, our programs and partnerships operate in more than 7 countries including Afghanistan, Greece, Jordan, Mexico, Ukraine, and Syria and here in the United States.

Our Programs

Dignity with Diapers

We provide for refugee and asylum seeking families by supplying camps, community centers, and resettlement organizations with clean diapers and wipes. We work through trusted partners on the ground and operate as primary diaper providers across camps in Greece. We also run diaper drives in the US to help meet urgent needs of resettlement organizations in our own communities. Diapers are an ever present and often very expensive need for families on their journeys.

Nourishment with education

We fund nutritious snacks and lunch programs in education centers for refugee families. Today, we partner in schools around the globe to ensure children receive healthy and sustaining food. This includes lunch programs in Kabul, Afghanistan and Azraq, Jordan, and snack programs in Tijuana, Mexico, and in Los Angeles, California.

2023 By The Numbers

Clean Diapers

Snacks in Schools and Learning Centers

School Lunches

Operating Across 8 Countries

From Our Donors & Volunteers

“It’s difficult to watch the global refugee crisis and not do something about it. Volunteering with Carry the Future allows me to directly impact the most vulnerable. It’s life changing; we are able to directly support refugees in need and give voice to the voiceless.”

Afia Jalali

Carry the Future Volunteer

“I volunteer with Carry the Future because I can directly make an impact in the lives of refugee families. These experiences have made my world smaller in a beautiful way. I am a vehicle for good. It means a lot to make a difference on behalf of this organization.”                              

Susannah Monteith

Carry the Future Volunteer