Staff Position: VOLUNTEER ENGAGEMENT Manager



Position Objectives 

We are looking for an energetic, flexible, and motivated team player who is excited to manage and nurture our volunteer program. The Volunteer Engagement Manager is a critical part of Carry the Future’s Response team, and  will lead and coordinate volunteers from all over the world in support of Carry the Future’s mission in serving refugee populations. In this role, the Volunteer Engagement Manager will leverage the existing volunteer base, as well as extend its reach.   


Position Objectives

  • Understand the landscape of our volunteer network, including location, availability, interest in local / travel volunteering.  Partner with response to help formulate local partnerships and opportunities for CTF volunteers.
  • In partnership with the Response team, identify opportunities for volunteer participation.  This could include:
    • In person volunteering with local partners 
    • Participating in volunteer trips
    • Running local fundraising drives / collection drives (as needed in support of a specific program)
    • Helping raise awareness of the global refugee crisis and Carry the Future’s work
  • In partnership with our Communications team and CTF standards, maintain ongoing communication with our volunteer community including:
    • Email updates on CTF activities
    • “Get to know you” Facebook posts
    • Hosting video calls for project overviews
    • Hosting occasional virtual social events
    • Contributes (with the potential to own) our Volunteers Facebook page to engage, inform, and update volunteers on CTF activities and opportunities
  • Engages with the Leadership Team in a collaborative, strategic and proactive measure as it relates to volunteer needs, suggestions and feedback.
    • Strategizes with the Chief Development Officer in establishing annual priority goals for fundraising and roll out to Carry the Future’s volunteers.
    • Strategize with the Chief Response Officers in establishing potential volunteer opportunities
  • Over time, add and manage small volunteer engagement team 


Preferred Requirements

  • Previous experience working as part of a cross functional team and leading others.
  • Previous experience engaging people and their efforts in fundraisers, volunteering, and community engagement initiatives.
  • Proven organizational, time management, and communication skills while working remotely.
  • Agrees to use the following platforms to communicate as part of the position; CTF G-suite and email, Messenger and Facebook Groups.
  • Willing to make a one year commitment and ~2-3 hours per week (but may vary based on project needs with more some weeks, less others).
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work with people around the globe.
  • Must be able to inspire trust and camaraderie in the team.
  • Strong written and verbal communication.

CTF is an equal opportunity volunteer organization. Former refugees and asylum seekers, men, minorities, LGBTQ+, persons with disabilities and veterans are strongly encouraged to apply.  

Please see the following for an overview of the required process for prospective staff volunteers.


To apply, please send a statement of interest along with an up to date resume/CV to