Our Carry the Future family is excited to introduce our first Executive Director, Alen Amini. Alen brings expertise and a desire to help refugees to our organization. As with all our volunteers, Alen has committed to serve refugee families without taking a salary. Welcome, Alen! We look forward to all you will do to help our organization!

A child of refugees, Alen brings a unique and important perspective to our organization. The son of a Persian rug merchant and former Iranian elementary school teacher, Alen is a former educator turned consultant. An Ohioan by birth, Alen currently resides in New York City. Recently, he earned a joint MPA/MBA degree from Harvard University Kennedy School of Government and Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business.  

Like many of Carry the Future’s volunteers, his call to action came from an urgent need to act. After witnessing the impact of Middle East conflicts on individuals and families, he felt compelled to do something. That call to action came in the form of volunteering for Carry the Future.

Alen shared his excitement to serve as Executive Director:

“I am privileged to be a member of the Carry the Future staff and to help take part in serving refugees and their families across the globe. I’m eager to work with the current team members on our day-to-day operations to help us be even more effective in supporting refugee families. I also look forward to working with the leadership team to support our long term strategies to proactively respond to refugee needs across the globe. Carry the Future does amazing work—which is even more astounding given we are an all-volunteer organization—and I hope to contribute in a meaningful way to allow us to serve even more families in a way that meets their individual needs.”

Alen Amini, Executive Director

Thank you, Alen, for the leadership you will provide Carry the Future!

Meet the rest of our leadership team; or, visit our volunteer page to learn how you can do something to help refugees!