Afghanistan. The Taliban. Refugee Resettlement. Once again, refugees are front and center in the media. While our hearts and minds yearn to DO SOMETHING, our simple acts often seem hopeless and fruitless. Yet every small act amounts to big changes for the lives of those in need and the future of our world. One tangible action is to read relevant stories to our kids.

At Carry the Future, we believe in investing in our little ones to be the World Changers of the Future. Our staff has created a helpful book list to aid in explaining big current events. By reading simple stories about children from around the world, our littlest world changers will get a better glimpse into current events. Through knowledge, they can dream and do to make a better world.

This post will focus on our youngest World Changers; future posts will focus on other age groups, so stay tuned.

Danbi Leads the School Parade  Ages 3 to 7

Danbi feels strange and isolated as she enters her new school in America. As she starts to find her confidence through using her imagination, she leads her new classmates on an exciting parade.

The Story Boat Ages 3 to 7

Join a little girl and her brother as they sail away from their home in a storm. While they are at sea, they use their imaginations to entertain themselves, while telling their brave tale. 

Sugar in Milk Ages 4 to 8

Young children will enjoy this picture book that focuses on themes around immigration.

Areli is a Dreamer Ages 4 to 8

This picture book tells the true story of a dreamer from Mexico.

The Wall in the Middle of the Book Ages 4 to 8 

This picture book takes the reader on an experience with a knight, who fears the dangers lurking on the other side of the wall. Yet as he focuses on the wall, he misses all that is creeping on his side of the wall.

The Library Bus Ages 5 to 8

Girls in Afghanistan must go through extraordinary obstacles to access education under the Taliban. Author Bahram Rahman tells this tale in a way for young readers to understand.

Tani’s New Home  Ages 5 to 9

This true story about a refugee boy from Nigeria follows his life in America while mastering the game of chess.

Nasreen’s Secret School Ages 6 to 9

A picture book about a secret school for girls in Afghanistan.