Staff Position: HR Specialist

Are you passionate about talent acquisition and motivated to make a difference in the lives of the refugee families who need it the most? We are seeking a skilled Talent Acquisition Specialist to accelerate our HR department at Carry the Future. In this role, you will be responsible for documenting job requirements, job postings, screening candidates, and maintaining the staff database. To ensure success as a Talent Acquisition Specialist, you should possess experience as a recruiter and the ability to attract great candidates for each role.

Standard Position Duties

  • This role will support the Chief Talent Officer on talent acquisition and retention for CTF staff and volunteers, including representing CTF with recruitment initiatives and events as needed.
  • Consult with department chiefs to define necessary requirements for open roles and communicate with new volunteers about open roles.
  • Advertise and coordinate open positions to external networks
  • Ask for referrals from current employees, acquaintances and industry professionals
  • Join social media groups and professional networks and interact with potential candidates
  • Maintain organized databases with candidates’ data
  • Research and recommend new sourcing tools and techniques
  • Facilitate talent acquisition including conducting interviews, establishing communication between the hiring manager and candidates, onboarding, managing the staff accounts, granting access to tools and resources.
  • Manage staff data and keep the staff volunteer database up to date.
  • Support the departments on new volunteer training.
  • Assist in formulating and continuously updating staff retention program.
  • This role will also be involved in the continued improvement of CTF onboarding by following up with volunteers who do not complete the process.


  • Relevant experience working within a HR/recruitment environment
  • Able to work in a cross functional team environment.
  • Strong communication, interpersonal, presentation, research, and analytical skills.
  • Active participation and commitment for at least 1 year.
  • Enthusiasm for non-profit work and passion for CTF mission to bring dignity, care, and awareness to the refugee journey.