Next month, Carry the Future is sending its 60th team of volunteers to help refugee families. 

Over the last four years, teams of two, three and/or four volunteers have been regularly travelling to Greece, France, Serbia, Jordan and more recently, the Texas/Mexico border, to helping refugee families on the ground, where the need is so great. 

This type of personalized work is at the heart of what we do.

Carry the Future was born out of desire to ensure humanitarian aid reaches those in need. Humanitarian efforts to help refugees around the world are generally understaffed and underfunded and rely on non-profit organizations, such as Carry the Future. 

Personalized, face-to-face aid distribution

After watching refugee mothers struggling to carry their children and their belongings, Carry the Future founder Cristal Munoz-Logothetis, flew to Kos in Greece, which was inundated with refugees, to deliver baby carriers herself. She packed 500 baby carriers and together with another volunteer, Cristal personally fitted each woman and adjusted the straps to suit her child. The next trip, with the help of a few extra volunteers, even more baby carriers were fitted. 

Personally packing and transporting humanitarian aid to refugee populations is just one way to ensure Carry the Future can meet immediate needs. Often there can be delays with shipping companies and importing processes in some countries can be tricky. Carry the Future volunteer teams travelling overseas maximize their check-in baggage limits and hand-deliver what’s needed.

The spirit of face-to-face, hand-delivered distribution continues today. Over the years, the distribution of baby carriers has expanded to include diapers, baby boxes, shoes, blankets and more. 

Expansion of aid to include community development

While aid distribution remains a big part of our focus, today, Carry the Future also travels to refugee populations to lead community development programs around potty training and personal hygiene.  

Our volunteer teams who travel to Texas focus on providing manpower and an extra set of hands to help in any way possible at the Humanitarian Respite Center in McAllen.  This center serves between 500 to 900 people daily – those families being released from detention. Providing them with a meal, clean clothes and a safe place to chance to catch their breath before their journey continues. 

Showing up in solidarity

We show up to offer something beyond the aid in our hands. We turn up in solidarity with refugee families we respectfully serve. Conversations and exchanges take place and personal connections are made.  Mother to mother, father to father, person to person – it’s about looking into their eyes and showing that someone cares. 

Donations are key to the success of our mission

Of course, without donations and our monthly donor program, none of this work would be possible. Please consider becoming part of the Carry the Future family by becoming a monthly donor, so we can continue showing up and saying yes to refugee families around the world.