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We believe that everyone can do something! Check out our volunteer staff positions to see how you might be able to serve refugee families on a regular basis!

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Invite your friends and family to give to support your efforts with Carry the Future. Every dollar raised will provide diapers, blankets, fresh food, and more for refugee families in need.

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Did you know that your employer could double the impact of your donation? Click here to find out if your employer will make a matching donation.

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Need a conversation starter? Shop our store! You’ll find styles for everyone, featuring messages of kindness and hope. Best of all, all proceeds provide refugee families with critical aid.

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Collect diapers from your friends, family members, neighbors, and colleagues then donate them to a local refugee resettlement agency, with help from Carry the Future. 

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Carry the Future is made up of volunteers worldwide. Chances are, there’s a Carry the Future Volunteer close to you! Stay connected and get to know others by joining our Volunteer Group today.

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At Carry the Future, we do our best to equip parents and caregivers with ways to raise the next generation to change the world. Our blog features tons of resources like book recommendations, conversation starters, project ideas, and more. 

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Interested in sharing Carry the Future with your family and friends? Consider hosting a webinar. We’ll provide you with everything you need to share about our work and how they can be a part of it.

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Feeding Refugee Kids Along Their Journeys

Back to school season is upon us, and with it, comes school lunches and after-school snacks. While many of us have the luxury to buy a school lunch, or pack our child a nutritious meal from home, refugee families are one of the most vulnerable groups of people...

World Refugee Day: Oksana’s Story

February 2022–The phone call interrupted dinner in Oksana’s California home that February evening. “Did you see that there’s a war in Ukraine?” the friend on the other end asked Oksana. What war? Oksana had not yet heard the devastating news of the war ravaging her...

An update on our Ukraine response

We wanted to take a moment to update you, our generous supporters and volunteers, on the work we've been able to do--and continue to do--in response to the crisis in Ukraine.    Within hours of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Carry the Future’s response team...

Get to know Alison Soracchi, our new board president

Alison Soracchi has been a Carry the Future team member since the beginning, and we’re excited to announce that she is the newest president of our board of directors!  Alison first got involved with Carry the Future in 2015, after she saw Cristal Munoz-Logothetis’...

Tips for helping support refugee families in our communities 

Since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan last summer, approximately 74,000 Afghans have arrived in the United States in search of shelter and safety.    As Afghan families, and families from many other countries, started arriving in our communities, refugee...

World Changer Recommended Reading for Older Children (and Adults)

In previous posts, we shared recommended reading lists for different age groups. Today’s reading list focuses on older children (ages 8>) and adults. Razia’s Ray of Hope Ages 8 to 12 Razia hopes to go to school and learn. Along with her grandfather, she dreams of a...

Get to Know the Athens Nest

By Lisa Goddard In an alley off a busy Athens street, between the smells of freshly baked spinach pastries and coffee, and the sounds of honking taxis, pigeons bob around the graffiti-painted walls of a building that, inside, emanates wonder and light.    ...

10 Ways Your Family Can Volunteer Together

It’s often challenging to volunteer with children, and many volunteer organizations have a minimum age requirement. Children often think there is nothing they can do to help. Yet there are still opportunities to incorporate even the youngest world changers. ...

4 Things We Can Do To Change The False Refugee Narrative

The world is full of false refugee narratives and information. In a post published on the World Economic Forum, Alexander Court, a Marketing Communications Lead for WEF, notes the following as the most common fallacies about refugees: Most refugees seek refuge in...

Raising World Changers: Reading List For Ages 3 to 10

Afghanistan. The Taliban. Refugee Resettlement. Once again, refugees are front and center in the media. While our hearts and minds yearn to DO SOMETHING, our simple acts often seem hopeless and fruitless. Yet every small act amounts to big changes for the lives of...