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We believe that everyone can do something! Check out our volunteer staff positions to see how you might be able to serve refugee families on a regular basis!

Host an Online Fundraiser

Invite your friends and family to give to support your efforts with Carry the Future. Every dollar raised will provide diapers, blankets, fresh food, and more for refugee families in need.

Double Your Impact

Did you know that your employer could double the impact of your donation? Click here to find out if your employer will make a matching donation.

Host A Webinar

Interested in sharing Carry the Future with your family and friends? Consider hosting a webinar. We’ll provide you with everything you need to share about our work and how they can be a part of it.

Me 2 You

Use your creative skills to bring joy to refugee kiddos by making a cuddly bear. Your handmade items will be hand delivered by our teams.

Give Back for your Birthday

Celebrate your birthday by making an impact. In lieu of gifts, ask your friends and family to consider making a gift to support refugee families in need.

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Get to Know Other Volunteers

Carry the Future is made up of more than 5,000 volunteers worldwide. Chances are, there’s a Carry the Future Volunteer close to you! Stay connected and get to know others by joining our Volunteer Group today.

Raise A World Changer

At Carry the Future, we do our best to equip parents and caregivers with ways to raise the next generation to change the world. Our blog features tons of resources like book recommendations, conversation starters, project ideas, and more. 

Wear Your Support

Need a conversation starter? Shop our store! You’ll find styles for everyone, featuring messages of kindness and hope. Best of all, all proceeds provide refugee families with critical aid.

Upcoming Events

Now thru Oct 31 – Welcoming Afghan Refugees

November 30 – Giving Tuesday

Raising World Changers: Reading List For Ages 3 to 10

Afghanistan. The Taliban. Refugee Resettlement. Once again, refugees are front and center in the media. While our hearts and minds yearn to DO SOMETHING, our simple acts often seem hopeless and fruitless. Yet every small act amounts to big changes for the lives of...

Race for Refugees: Parkmont School

Between September 15-30, Carry the Future celebrated the second annual Race for Refugees. Students, professionals, Carry the Future staff, moms, dads, and kids from all over the world ran, walked, jogged, swam, and hiked to raise money for those forced to flee their...

World Refugee Day Stories: Aws Jubair

“It’s hard to hate up close,” he says sincerely.  Meet Aws Jubair, member of the Carry the Future Advisory Council. Aws has every right to hate, but instead chooses peace and bridge-building.  Aws grew up in Baghdad and had a self proclaimed “happy...

World Refugee Day Stories: Bronislava Shmilovich

Lime green pants. A simple donation from a stranger made a world of difference to one refugee girl. Meet Bronislava Shmilovich, board member, treasurer and volunteer at Carry the Future since 2016. Bronislava was that refugee girl. She was born in the country of...

Our commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion

We’re proud to unveil our official Carry the Future Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion statement. The development of this vital commitment was one of the first key initiatives taken on by our new Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Juana...

Fireside Story Time: Congo Story 2

This week, Carry the Future shares another fireside story time from Congo. Listen as Pothin shares another story from his homeland, Congo. Pothin follows the storytelling tradition by sharing the moral of the story at the end. As you listen, see if you can guess the...

Fireside Story Time: Congo

This week, Carry the Future shares a very special story time. Continuing with storytelling, Pothin tells a story from Congo. Growing up, Pothin's village would come together for a bedtime story every evening. Gathering around a fire, the village children listened to a...

Fireside Story Time: Algeria

Join Carry the Future for our second Fireside Story Time with an oral telling of an Algerian story.

Get to Know Carry the Future’s New Executive Director

Meet Our New Executive Director, Lacy Stroessner! We’re excited to announce the hiring of Carry the Future’s new Executive Director, Lacy Stroessner. A Carry the Future staff member since 2016, Lacy is a passionate advocate for refugee families and has over 16 years...

Fireside Story Time: Syria

This month, Carry the Future invites all World Changers to join us for a new series called Fireside Story Time. Carry the Future blogger, Kaity, begins the series by telling a Syrian story. Following the oral tradition of many cultures, including Syria, Kaity will be...