Our Values

What Makes Us Unique


We believe that a child’s safety and future always come first.

We believe refugee families are just like ours, and we respond with dignity and compassion in all that we do. When the media has left and organizations pull out, Carry the Future remains committed to the cause.


We respond by meeting needs which would otherwise go unmet.

Big aid organizations often provide the basics. But what about diapers or safe sleeping for newborns? We are able to nimbly address urgent needs for aid including baby necessities, training potties, sanitary supplies, fresh food, and quality of life initiatives.


We strengthen the global fabric of crisis response when we work together.

We work hard to build solid relationships with trusted organizations on the ground where we serve. In addition, we do our best to purchase aid in-country which bolsters the local economy.


We are committed to raising world changers.

We work daily to make the world a better place, and place priority on raising the next generation to continue this important work. We equip parents and caregivers with practical ways to educate and empower children to make a difference in the world.


We welcome everyone to the table.

Our donors, staff, and volunteers come from all walks of life. We span the political aisle and we bring many backgrounds to the table. We are committed to fostering diversity and inclusiveness in all we do.


We know that refugee families are just like ours.

We believe that refugee families face extremely difficult circumstances every day, but all actions and gestures of solidarity matter. We show up with love and compassion and work tirelessly so that one day the future is safe and secure for every family and child.


We believe in preserving the dignity of refugee families.

We have very stringent processes for how we interact with refugee families, and we do everything we can to uphold their dignity in such difficult circumstances.


We ensure the biggest impact for refugee families.

Carry the Future is entirely volunteer-run. We have no paid staff. We have little overhead costs. This way, we can do the most good with donations entrusted to us.


We empower everyone to do something.

The refugee crisis is not unreachable. We believe that everyone can do something, right where they are. Our volunteers span four continents, most working remotely to do so much good for refugee families.