Leadership Team Position: Chief Development Officer

The Chief Development Officer will lead the Development Division at Carry the Future. This division’s main objectives are to identify, build, and develop strategic relationships with donors, corporations, charitable foundations, and others which provide funding to support the mission of Carry the Future and meet the needs of the refugee families we serve.


Position Objectives

  • To set and deliver long and short term fundraising targets from individual donors, corporate donors, charitable foundations and grants
  • To develop actionable strategies for meeting and exceeding those goals through grants, sponsorships, gifts, donations, and fundraising events.
  • To provide support and input to the Carry the Future leadership team by implementing a fundraising strategy that cohesively marries with our strategic plan and ongoing program proposals
  • To provide meaningful donor stewardship to our current donors through tailored communications and regular updates regarding their giving.
  • To lead the development team in an engaging way, providing support and listing clear expectations so that each team can complete their tasks appropriately.
  • To provide members of the development staff with meaningful opportunities to develop professional skills related to fundraising and organizational development in the non-profit sector
  • To raise awareness of the organization and its primary goals through outreach efforts, working regularly with the Communications and Volunteer Engagement Divisions on regular events, publications, and media relations.
  • To discover new and potentially lucrative revenue streams for expansion of the organization’s fundraising efforts.
  • To track  revenue and fundraising trends, then uses the information to predict future opportunities for expansion efforts and avoid any downtrends in individual, corporate or foundation gifts.
  • To plan and oversee fundraising events to make sure all donor needs are met and fundraising goals are achieved.
  • To serve as the primary contact for all fundraising events.
  • To solicit donations from large corporate donors.
  • To publish regular updates on major events and success of the organization.
  • To cultivate and maintain relationships with major donors by responding to their inquiries, keeping them apprised of recent events with the organization and showing them the progress their donations have made possible.
  • To identify potential new grants and funding opportunities for the organization.
  • To manage ongoing grant opportunities and requirements for reporting.

Preferred Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree required. Master’s degree recommended in nonprofit management, business administration, public administration, community development.
  • Extensive experience in fundraising, particularly with small, grassroots nonprofit start up.
  • Must have demonstrated history in leadership, project management, public relations, group facilitation, or event planning.
  • Experience as a volunteer or volunteer member of staff for a non-profit focused on refugees.
  • Exceptional writing and communication skills.
  • Excellent fluency in excel, g suite, paypal, Kintone, Facebook, and more. 
  • Must possess strong business knowledge and ability to think in a variety of business environments.
  • Must have strong interpersonal skills and ability to work with a wide variety of potential donors and supporters.
  • Must exercise exceptional time management skills and be able to meet fundraising deadlines.
  • Ability to deliver effective and engaging presentations at virtual fundraising events, and with new or prospective donors.
  • Must be able to inspire trust and camaraderie in team members and potential donors alike.