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Team 60: Vial Camp

This week, Team 60 is providing aid for refugees in Greece. Much-needed strollers were distributed to refugees along their journey to the Vial Camp. However, Team 60 also received a stark reminder of why aid and hope are so vital to refugees. Read on for an update...

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Coping with Compassion Fatigue

A core belief at Carry the Future is everyone can do something. Every small act for refugee and migrant families adds to the sum of the larger mission. Yet, it's important to remember that while all can do something, one person can't do everything. Often, being...

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McAllen, TX: Team 3

With the help of volunteers and donations, Carry the Future has been able to do so much good near the southern US border. Read on for an update from Susannah regarding Team 3’s recent trip to McAllen, Texas.  “Oftentimes when Carry the Future teams travel we are...

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Things to Know about Refugee Resettlement

At Carry the Future, we’re committed to serving refugee families with love and dignity. We understand that there is much information about refugees in the news and on our feeds. Here, we stick to the facts and hope to shed some light on the process refugee families go...

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Home for All

Carry the Future’s mission is to provide comfort and dignity to refugees around the world. We cannot accomplish this mission alone. Home for All, a restaurant in Greece, is proving that when we help each other we are truly empowered together.  450 miles from...

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Hope Through Aid: Sending Teams to Help

Next month, Carry the Future is sending its 60th team of volunteers to help refugee families.  Over the last four years, teams of two, three and/or four volunteers have been regularly travelling to Greece, France, Serbia, Jordan and more recently, the Texas/Mexico...

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