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Team 60:  Vial Camp

Team 60: Vial Camp

This week, Team 60 is providing aid for refugees in Greece. Much-needed strollers were distributed to refugees along their journey to the Vial Camp. However, Team 60 also received a stark reminder of why aid and hope are so vital to refugees. Read on for an update...

The Blankets Really Matter

At Carry the Future, we are constantly reminded that small gestures can make big impacts. We are thankful for every person who has contributed in some way to our organization. Whether it is through donations of goods, time, or energy, they all make a difference. One...

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Yazidi Journeys: Preserving a Legacy

The idea that a seemingly small gesture has the power to grow into something amazing is one of the core beliefs of Carry the Future. One of our volunteers, Aline Lindemann, a professor, writer, and scholar, has created a life-changing movement inspired by the Yazidi...

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Do Something: How To Host an Event

A group in Houston, TX, who came together for World Refugee Day, is changing the world for refugee children in their community. Led by Hannah Roberts, the group organized an event to make blankets and bears for refugee children. This group is proving that even though...

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Team 58: Helping in Texas, Part 2

This summer, Carry the Future has sent distribution teams to Texas to provide help for families seeking asylum. Team 58 recently finished their trip where they provided food, toiletries, and comfort for families seeking asylum at the southern US border. Read on for...

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Team 58: Helping in Texas, Part 1

At Carry the Future, we have a commitment to helping refugees around the world. This commitment extends to those families seeking asylum at the southern US borders. Read on for Team 58’s account of their time in Texas. When Team 58 arrived in Texas, they found a...

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