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Hope Through Aid:  Dignity Through Diapers

Hope Through Aid: Dignity Through Diapers

This month, we introduce a new series:  Hope Through Aid. Each month, we will highlight one of Carry the Future’s programs which deliver direct aid to refugees. This month, we focus on how Carry the Future provides dignity through diapers. Our Welcome Baby...

Team 55: Your Donations in Action

Imagine leaving your entire life behind. Imagine that you must flee with your children. Imagine that one of them is an infant. For refugees around the world, this is not imaginary. It is reality. At Carry the Future, we strive to help refugees during what is the most...

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Do Something: Recall the Refugees

At Carry the Future, we believe that everyone can do something. Two eighth graders in New Jersey are doing just that. Meet our newest world changers: Mia and Daniela, creators of @recall_the_refugees, who are using a school project to help refugee families. Through...

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Team 55: Preserving Dignity

Here’s to the distribution teams that remind us why Carry the Future’s mission is so vital! Read on as Team 55’s Tom recounts the excitement and gratefulness of the refugees they’ve helped so far. When Team 55 landed in Greece, they immediately sprang into action: “We...

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Team 54: Knowledge Is Power

Look at the power of knowledge in action! From potty training to flossing teeth, read on for an update from Valeria and Team 54 as they empower refugees through education. Team 54 was prepared for a small crowd of refugees that they would teach, but they were quickly...

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Meet Our Newest Volunteers!

At Carry the Future, all of our volunteers are passionate about helping refugees. Our volunteers span the globe. Even though we are from different countries and cultures, we are a family committed to serving refugee families. This week, our family is excited to...

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Team 54: Kalinikta’s Experience

Carry the Future volunteers travel to many places to help refugees, but as Team 54 is finding out, refugees also have much to offer us. Continue reading as Kalinikta, of #CTFTeam54, writes of the resiliency of the human spirit, and how even when we do not have much,...

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