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Raising World Changers: Printable Valentines

Raising World Changers: Printable Valentines

Here at Carry the Future, we believe that love will change the world! This year, your little one can spread the love with our Carry the Future Printable Valentines. With the help of her young son, Chelsea Parker, a Carry the Future Volunteer, designed these adorable...

Do Something: Holiday Help List

The holidays are just around the corner and the bell-jingling, bustling time of year usually ushers in a spirit of generosity and goodwill towards others. As you take a pause to reflect this season, Carry the Future asks you to remember the refugees in our midst who...

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Raising World Changers: Books for Adults

This holiday season, Carry the Future is happy to share some of our favorite books about refugees. Reading is a rich opportunity to educate and empower ourselves about the individuals that we serve. Yesterday, we shared recommended reading for children. Today, our...

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Host Your Own Friendsgiving!

Food, Fellowship, and Friends! As you celebrate the togetherness and festivities of Thanksgiving, we invite you to also remember refugees around the world who are in need of hope, bounty, and community. This year, Carry the Future invites you to host a Friendsgiving...

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