In previous posts, we shared recommended reading lists for different age groups. Today’s reading list focuses on older children (ages 8>) and adults.

Razia's Ray of Hope

Razia’s Ray of Hope Ages 8 to 12

Razia hopes to go to school and learn. Along with her grandfather, she dreams of a day when the Taliban in Afghanistan will allow her to receive an education.

One Half from the East Ages 8 to 12

Follow the journey of a preteen girl who must dress as a boy in order to bring her family good luck. This story set in Afghanistan, tells the tale of a bacha posh.

Saving Hanno: The Story of a Refugee Dog Ages 8 to 12

Follow the story of a nine-year-old Jewish boy and his dog, as they escape to London from Nazi Germany. During WWII, Rudi and Hanno must face danger and war as they attempt to find safety and freedom.

The Only Road Ages 8 to 12

Follow Jaime, a twelve-year-old who must travel from his Guatemalan home to the United States.

Santiago’s Road Home Ages 8 to 12

Santiago flees his home in Mexico but is detained by ICE at the US border.

Kiki and Jacques: A Refugee Story Ages 8 to 12

Jacque’s life is difficult when his mom dies and his father loses his job. When Somali refugees resettle in his town, he forms a friendship with a girl named Kiki.

While I Was Away Ages 8 to 12

Author Waka Brown shares her memoir as a twelve-year-old in the 1980s. She travels from her home in Kansas to Japan, where she learns about her family and their history.

Count Me In  Ages 10 to 12

Follow Karina, an Indian-American, who overcomes their differences to befriend the boy next door. Their friendship sparks controversy and racial violence, but Karina brings unity through her social media posts.

The Breadwinner Series Ages 10 to 14

Author Deborah Ellis writes a series of books about friendship in Afghanistan during the Taliban regime.

Drawn Across Borders: True Stories of Human Migration  Ages 10 to 17

Discover the artistry of George Butler, whose portrays tell twelve different tales of human migration.

The Grief Keeper  Ages 12 and Up

Teenage Marisol must flee her home in El Salvador after her brother’s death. She escapes to the United States where she must cross the border and face the dangers and stigma of being “illegal.”

Dancing in the Mosque: An Afghan Mother’s Letter to Her Son Adult

A mother’s memoir about the struggles and heartache faced during the Taliban’s reign in Afghanistan.

The Broken Circle: A Memoir of Escaping Afghanistan Adult

Author Enjeela Ahmadi-Miller writes the tragic memoir of her youth and family as they struggled to escape Afghanistan during the 1980s.

The Dressmaker of Khair Khana Adult

Kamila must care for and provide for her sisters after the Taliban takes over her city. She starts a business and soon mobilizes the community to rise up and survive.