Carry the Future stands in solidarity with refugee families worldwide, but have you ever wondered where around the globe we do our work? How do your dollars get to families in need? Where are your carriers meeting refugee moms and dads on the ground?

Our aim is to deliver aid to refugee families. So, we try to be in locations where there are large populations of refugees, because that’s where the need is. Refugee populations are substantial across Greece, France, Jordan, and Serbia. Here, we have in-country coordinators who work with our distribution trip volunteers to deliver aid across numerous refugee camps in these countries.

give loveDemand for aid in refugee camps can vary greatly, depending on who lives there and what time of year it is. Because of this, we aim to meet needs in real time. This means that if we hear of a camp in need of diapers, we prioritize them to make sure they get diapers. If a camp is in desperate need of fresh food, we do our best to meet that need. If we hear of babies being born, we make sure those camps have access to baby beds and newborn supplies, providing families with essentials for safe sleeping.

Our distribution trips take place approximately twice per month, and each trip is very unique in it’s mission and focus. Our response teams are in constant contact with our partners on the ground to determine what the critical needs are and what our distribution trip volunteers’ itinerary will be. Some teams focus on aid drops or baby carrier fittings traveling from camp to camp. Other teams stay in one camp the entire time, working on a project, teaching music and art, playing or just helping where it’s needed. Needs on the ground change so frequently, we try to remain as flexible and agile as possible.

carry the future baselOur volunteer teams near France and Serbia have ongoing, regular fundraising programs that hand-deliver essentials across the region. From school supplies and soccer balls for children, to toiletries and sleeping bags for adults, these volunteers are doing so much good, so very close to home.

Working with other organizations is key to meeting the needs of refugee families. We recognize we are just a piece of the puzzle. We have many trusted and reliable partners on the ground, such as Refugee Support Europe.  In Bangladesh, we partnered with RSE to provide clothing and food for a large population of Rohingya refugees. We were able to work with the JAAGO Foundation, to distribute baby carriers and ‘the shoe that grows’. In Tanzania, your donations provided school supplies to refugee children. While we don’t have a team there, our partners at Collective Calling coordinate the work that needs to be done. These are just a handful of the ways we work together with other organizations all over the world to meet the needs of refugee families.

rohingya refugees bangladeshAs you can see, the needs are very great and they really vary from camp to camp. We are so thankful for our amazing volunteers and generous donors who are doing so much good all over the world.

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