Today is World Refugee Day. Carry the Future marks the plight of refugees around the world. We honour their spirit, courage and capacity to move forward, despite the dangers often ahead. It’s a time to remember our brothers and sisters who are at their most vulnerable and find a way to help, any way we can. To commemorate this day, we look to Carry the Future volunteers, offering thoughts on ‘What does World Refugee Day mean to you?’

“World Refugee Day is an invitation for me to shed light on a still dark situation. To honour those who have been displaced. Every one of them deserves not to be forgotten. Every face in a picture has a story. A story of hope, courage, love, endurance, heartbreak, a new life” – Kara

World Refugee Day is time to reflect on the struggle so many humans encountered and unfortunately continue to encounter. To engage our empathetic sides and see the situation through the lens of the refugees. And to take a moment to honour the memory of those brave souls who made the impossible decision to escape and flee, and did not live to share their stories. And to celebrate those who have lived to tell their tale, yet continue to face resistance, struggle and hardships” – Nicole

World Refugee Day

“It’s about valuing the contributions refugees have made throughout history, and the contributions they continue to make today. It’s an opportunity to be really grateful to serve refugee families and to learn better ways of doing that every day” – Taryn

“It’s about a chance for all of us to see that refugees are just like you and me. They have needs, wants, families, talents etc just like anyone else. More importantly, it’s a chance to highlight the dignity of the human spirit that we are working so hard to preserve through Carry The Future” – Gwen

World Refugee Day

It is a day to commemorate the courage and tenacity of millions of people throughout the world. It is a day to raise awareness of the refugee crisis. It is a day to determine which side of history to stand on. It’s a reminder of my responsibility in the world’s greatest humanitarian crisis. It is a day to consider the level and sincerity of my service and compassion. It is a day to ask myself ‘what if their story, was my story? “ – Leann

“Today we raise awareness about the reality of being a refugee. Refugee families leave behind family members and friends, in potentially dangerous situations, they leave education opportunities and jobs, their homes, property and possessions. They want the ability to provide for themselves and their families, they want opportunities for their children and they want to be able to raise their family in safety. It is a day for me to acknowledge that many refugee families are just like my own family” – Christina

World Refugee Day

I’m sad that families who start a journey to safety don’t always get to stay together. I would be scared if I had to walk a long way without my mommy. I love refugees because my mommy loves refugees. Loving lots of kinds of people is a good thing to do. The rainbow (as shown in the image above) represents a promise for refugees on World Refugee Day. A promise that refugees will find a new home that is safe and where people are loving” – Caroline

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