What day is it? What month? Everything is blurring together a bit. We know that this is a challenging time for everyone. For some, you’re facing job loss, food insecurity, and more. For others, you’re struggling with mental health. You’re losing your mind a little bit at home with your kids and you’re really concerned about the victims of this pandemic.

No matter where you’re at, we see you. We hear you. We are you. We’re all in this together. This week, we’ve got a great free printable for grown-ups. If you’ve got a printer and a small break to sit down and relax, we hope you can take comfort in knowing that we’re all struggling and we will come out the other side.

If you find yourself with a little extra right now and would like to help refugee families prevent the spread of COVID-19, consider purchasing our limited edition shirt. Each purchase provides soap and hygiene supplies to keep families healthy.