Camp Carry the Future: Week 3 – Bravery

Greetings, World Changers! Wow, you’ve come so far on our camp journey. We’ve learned about refugees, kindness, and friendship.  We’ve traveled around the globe meeting new friends!

This is our third and final week of Camp Carry the Future. YOU can change the world with what you’ve learned so far. It will require bravery. This week, we’ll be learning all about how to be brave. Remember our mantra? Listen. Learn. Do. 

Since this is our last week, we have plenty of singing and dancing. Are you ready? Let’s begin!


We’ll start out with our camp song. You probably know the words by now. Grab Courage the Unicorn and join the fun!

Celebration Music (click to play)

Great singing, campers! 

Let’s listen to a story about April. Think about how April was feeling. Pay close attention to how her friends helped.  

April’s Story (click to play)


How was April brave? What advice did she receive? What brave actions did April and her friends do? How did speaking up change the situation? 

Being brave means doing something that may be scary. As world changers, we need to speak up when someone is being mistreated or being treated unfairly. Let’s sing a song about speaking up.

Speak Up Song (click to play)

Do you want to continue singing and dancing? Let’s keep the fun going!

Brave (click to play)

It’s so fun to dance together! How do you feel right now? Do you feel brave? Excited? Worried?  Think about a time when you spoke up and did the right thing. What are some ways you can be brave to help others?


Think about people you know who do brave things. Recently, during the pandemic, we’ve seen brave doctors and nurses helping others, even when it’s scary. What lessons can we learn from their actions?

Here’s a way you can DO SOMETHING. You can thank and encourage a doctor or nurse by writing them a letter. Make sure to do this part with a grown up. 

Letter Writing (click to open)

Great job, World Changer!


As we conclude our camp, we’re going to focus on how YOU can be a world changer. 

What we have learned:

  1. Be kind
  2. Be a friend
  3. Be brave

We can take these three lessons to make a difference in the world to help refugees, our friends and neighbors, and anyone else who needs it. Being a world changer means you think beyond yourself. Let’s listen to this book to remember that our friends Ali, Maryam, and Carly from earlier weeks are not so different than us.

Whoever You Are (click to play)

So, are you ready to go and change the world?  Kid President will give us some tips.

Kid President (click to play)

Do you feel inspired? You can do it. You might feel like you can’t change the world, but it starts with YOU. One small action can cause big change. Here are some kids who have done BIG things:

Kids Change the World (click to play)

It doesn’t have to be big. It can be something small, like standing up to a bully, or talking to someone who looks different, or sharing a pencil.

You Can Change the World (click to play)

So, take some time with a grown-up and think about what YOU can do. 

Now, for our final song. This song is a special song for each of you, as you fight to make the world a little better. The woman in the video is doing something a little different, she’s speaking using her hands, which is called sign language. Sing along, and do the signs, if you like. 

As you sing and dance, reflect on what you’ve learned throughout our weeks together at camp.

Fight Song (click to play)

Congratulations, you’re now an official World Changer!!! We’re so proud of you! Make sure to print off your official camp certificate. 

Certificate of Courage (click to print)