With the new year upon us, many are feeling inspired and renewed to commit to making the world a better place. Being a world changer seems like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. One person cannot change the entire world by herself, but everyone is capable of doing something. If you can do something, Carry the Future has an opportunity for you.

Whether your gifts are in writing, organizing, fundraising, or another area, if you want to change the world, Carry the Future has a volunteer opportunity for you. Not only will you be helping people across the world but you will also be joining the ranks of volunteers who love what they do and who feel empowered through this force for good. In fact, if you ask any Carry the Future volunteer, they will not run out of reasons why they feel so empowered by this work.

carry the future volunteer

1. Volunteering creates a feeling of hopefulness. For many of us, our feelings of helplessness grew when we saw pictures of the body of Alan Kurdi. We began to wonder how we could help refugees a world away. Carry the Future offered that opportunity to help in anyway we could. For many of us, this was our chance to become world changers.

“Working for Carry the Future took me from helpless to hopeful. The enormity of the refugee crisis used to weigh me down. I used to think there was nothing I could do about the tragedies happening thousands of miles away from me. Now, I know better. I know that we all can use our talents for good. I know that my work with Carry the Future is part of a much larger story. When we all do a little bit, we can make a real and lasting impact on this world.”  —Lacy, Community Response Officer

“Carry the Future meant I could reframe my place in the world from someone who couldn’t change everything bad, but that I could do something good, however small. It’s given me a way to heal and be healed, and has taught me that the power of one is immense.” —Uzma, Southwest Regional Advisor

“Carry the Future has given me an opportunity to be helpful instead of feeling helpless.” —Desi, Board Vice President

“Since joining CTF, I’ve felt less helpless about the state of the world.” —Ariel, Social Media Officer


2. Carry the Future makes a global impact. Helping an international community is a priority for our volunteers, and Carry the Future creates a unique opportunity for us to make a difference around the world. Some of us are able to actually travel to other nations and provide help; for those who are unable to travel, their words and actions still make an impact thousands of miles away.

“One of my favorite highlights was while on a Carry the Future distribution trip in France last spring. Volunteers stateside were having diaper parties in their communities and my team and I were able to purchase diapers for a camp in real time. It was a joy to be a part of something that was making a full circle.”  —Kara, Chief Volunteer Engagement Officer

“Learning how to work remotely within an international community and to address how best to meet needs of families on the other side of the globe has provided many opportunities to come up with non-traditional solutions, to collaborate with others, and to know all my efforts make a difference. Not to mention the valuable friendships that have come from my volunteering.”   —Laura, Chief Communications Officer

“Carry the Future has introduced me to so many wonderful people I would never have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. Carry the Future brings people together!”  —Emily, Chief Volunteer Resources Officer

“The best part about Carry the Future is the many ways it is able to help refugees, from baby carriers, food, and winterization, to safe spaces for women and children. I love being a volunteer because I get to meet, and feel like I know, so many kind and selfless people committed to righting terrible wrongs in our world.”  —Uzma, Southwest Regional Advisor


3. We can all do our part. Most importantly, almost every volunteer has been impacted by the motto that everyone can do something. How empowering to know that every action has an impact!

“I love that there is a place for everyone in Carry the Future, whether someone has a lot of time or a little bit of time; years of experience, or just starting out. I love that we can contribute as a family and that even our children have opportunities to help strangers a world away.” —Taryn, Chief Staff Engagement Officer

“I’ve learned to apply the #candosomething attitude to additional aspects of my life. I’ve kept professional skills sharp and added new ones while being a stay at home mom; I’ve made friends who are wise and strong world-changers.” —Ariel, Social Media Officer

“I have grown so much since volunteering with CTF, both professionally and personally.”  —Laura, Chief Communications Officer

Whatever your ability, whatever your gift, Carry the Future has a place for you. If you’re feeling helpless, hopeless, or powerless, check out our volunteer opportunities.  Don’t miss your chance to find the perfect way to make a difference in the world. Make this the year that you #candosomething to help others.


Written by Gwen Skar