Congratulations to Carry the Future’s Volunteer of the Month, Jenny Belardi!

Jenny and her husband, Justin, live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with Jenny’s two young daughters. Jenny works in fundraising and is the Director of Development of Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science. In her free time, she enjoys writing fiction, running, and doing yoga.

Jenny became involved with Carry the Future when she saw founder Cristal Logothetis on the Today Show in 2015. She had just finished wearing her own babies, so she donated her carrier. Jenny remained involved by making monthly donations and following the work of Carry the Future on social media. In the Spring of 2017, she saw a post looking for a grant writer and quickly applied, realizing she could easily use her career skills to benefit Carry the Future’s mission.

Jenny stayed in this position for a year before becoming the Chief Development Officer in May 2018. In her current staff position, Jenny is in charge of fundraising and works closely with the Board and Response team to strategize and prioritize aid needs. She hopes to continue to broaden individual support and involve more corporate donors in 2019.

Prior to having children, she volunteered frequently. After having children, Jenny felt that Carry the Future was “…so relatable to where I was in my own life…the families we help are just like mine; the only difference is that we are just luckier.” Her hope for Carry the Future is that it is sustainable year after year and becomes bigger in order to help more families. Jenny is really impressed by how Carry the Future leaders are thinking at least a year ahead in terms of where they want to be.

At Carry the Future, we feel that all of our volunteers are super because of the help they provide our mission. Jenny’s superpower is the ability to coordinate chaos; she can take a messy situation and turn it into something beautifully functional!

Thank you Jenny, for all your hard work behind the scenes and using your skills to better the future of Carry the Future! Congratulations!

Written by Gillian Jenkins

Carry the Future is always looking for more amazing volunteers for our cause. If you’re interested in volunteering for Carry the Future, click here.