Each month we do a volunteer spotlight featuring one of our amazing volunteers. With more than 6000 volunteers here at Carry the Future, it is always inspiring to get a peek into the story of any person who is using their time and talents to serve refugees all over the world. Congratulations to the newest Carry the Future Volunteer of the Month, Gwen Skar!

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Gwen lives with her family in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. When she isn’t volunteering for Carry the Future, she can be found teaching English at a local high school and being a mom to her four children. (The youngest was born just 5 weeks ago!) She loves reading science fiction and fantasy books. In her spare time, she loves to squeeze in some writing.

Gwen had been following the building refugee crisis for several years, and in the spring of 2017 she thought to herself, “I can’t just sit here anymore.” Gwen then applied for a blog writing position with Carry the Future. She has served on the blogging team for over a year now, and loves being able to help in a way that puts her writing and English skills to good use. Gwen’s first series for Carry the Future featured book recommendations to educate all ages on understanding the refugee population and crisis. She has also been responsible for the ‘Do Something’ series and most recently, the ‘Summer of Raising World Changers.’

Gwen states that she was moved by the photos of little Alan Kurdi. Being a parent of young children forced her to consider what she would do in the same situation. Gwen noted that her life was easier just being able to wear her children around the house and she loved the simplicity of Carry the Future’s mission to provide carriers for refugee parents. Gwen had also used and taught books about refugees in her classroom. The refugee community was close to her heart.

volunteer carry the future

Gwen says that her hope for Carry the Future is, “that we wouldn’t have to exist because people wouldn’t be fleeing for their lives.”

Thank you, Gwen, for being another hard working Carry the Future volunteer who truly recognizes there is no such thing as other people’s children.

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Written by Gillian Jenkins