Each month we do a volunteer spotlight featuring one of our amazing volunteers. With more than 6000 volunteers here at Carry the Future, it is always inspiring to get a peek into the story of any person who is using their time and talents to serve refugees all over the world. Congratulations to our Volunteer of the Month, Emily Hickey!

Emily and her family reside in Falmouth, Maine. When she isn’t volunteering for Carry the Future, she is taking care of her three children and working full time as a pediatric nurse, which she has done for thirteen years. She also makes time for running and competing in races and triathlons. If she can, Emily chooses to participate in events to support causes like pediatric oncology.

Emily became involved with Carry the Future in the Fall of 2015, when a friend passed on information about collecting baby carriers. At the time, Emily was currently carrying her youngest child in an Ergo. She remembers conversations with her husband about how they would manage the safety and well-being of their own children if they found themselves fleeing violence and persecution like refugees. That prompted Emily to start collecting baby carriers, using Facebook to connect with her community. Through her efforts, many individuals learned about the refugee crisis and were able to donate to help the cause.

carry the future volunteerEmily’s current role is the Maine State Coordinator. She enjoys partnering with local agencies to raise awareness of refugee issues as well as hosting baby carrier and diaper drives. Emily also takes part in planning a monthly dinner at a local restaurant in which a percentage of the money made goes to Carry the Future. Additionally, Emily works with Neighbor to Neighbor, an agency that supports local refugees by collecting certain necessities like diapers, hygiene products, ands school supplies. Emily is raising her children to change the world, too. Each month, they create awareness about refugees. From posting ways to get involved and where to donate to giving great recommendations for children’s books about refugees, these kiddos are making a big difference.

carry the future volunteerEmily’s first experience in donating her baby carrier to help a mom across the globe grew into a beautiful platform which inspires others to get involved and to support local refugee populations as well. Emily is particularly drawn to Carry the Future’s volunteer inclusivity. She noted that, “Not being a political or faith-based organization really opens it up” and allows volunteers with many different beliefs to come together in the name of helping others.

carry the future volunteerIn the future, Emily hopes to join a distribution trip with Carry the Future. Her hope for Carry the Future is that it “…continues to respond to the needs of babies and families seeking safety, and continues to welcome all kinds of volunteers” to unify in the cause of local and global refugee support.

Thank you, Emily! We are grateful for your hard work to support refugee families locally and abroad!

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Written by Gillian Jenkins