School’s out for the summer! Maybe you have a jam-packed summer ahead of you full of activities and camps for the kids.  Or maybe you have a wonderfully lazy summer planned with a lot of reading and trips to the local pool. Whatever your plans, a break from school means that your kids have time to focus on a different kind of learning:  being world changers. During each month this summer (June, July, and August), Carry the Future will suggest a book, craft, recipe, and service project that will help you join us as we make this the summer of raising world changers.

Book: Reading with your child is a wonderful experience that has so many benefits for you and your child. Avid readers are often found to have a larger world view and a more empathetic nature. Because of this, our Raising World Changers blog series has suggested several books about refugees for children of various ages. If your child is an avid reader, get your library card ready to check out some amazing books! If your child has read all the books we’ve suggested, there are many others available. Check out this website for a list of books (by age group).

raising world changers

Craft: Children love to make arts and crafts. Seeing them create something unique with their own two hands is also pretty amazing for parents. This summer, move beyond the typical craft project and create something related to the refugee experience. One suggestion is to create a collage. With old magazines, newspapers, and other scraps, you can make some pretty cool masterpieces! Not only will this be artistic but it will also help your child learn about the refugee experience. This could even go hand-in-hand with a book you and your child read. After reading, have your child create a collage of what they remember about the book. Have them consider how they might react to the situation or the impact that just reading about the situation has on them. If your child is older, you could also consider viewing refugee art. Many organizations are using art as therapy for refugees.

Recipe: Another way to learn about another culture is through food. Depending on your child’s age, you can choose a few recipes to make together. Don’t worry about your child being a picky eater, if your child is involved the food making process, she will probably be excited to eat what she helped create. This month, try your hand at Syrian cuisine. With approximately 13.5 million displaced persons, Syria has the worst refugee crisis in the world. The website has recipes for authentic Syrian cuisine (from desserts to main dishes).

raising world changers

Service: A service project is another wonderful way to get your world changer involved. While reading opens our minds and allows our imaginations to flourish, real life experiences can be even more impactful. That is why Carry the Future encourages you and your world changer to get involved with your local refugee community. This June, get involved by celebrating World Refugee Day on June 20. Throughout the world, many communities are planning local events. Find out what your local community is doing and celebrate alongside them!

We hope these ideas give you some tangible ways to teach your children about caring for others in the world, all while empowering them to make a difference! Thank you for raising world changers with us!

Written by Gwen Skar