Carry the Future volunteers travel to many places to help refugees, but as Team 54 is finding out, refugees also have much to offer us. Continue reading as Kalinikta, of #CTFTeam54, writes of the resiliency of the human spirit, and how even when we do not have much, we can still be #empoweredtogether.  

The last we heard from Team 54, they were busy helping prepare meals and delivering items. But this part of the trip was slower paced. Kalinikta writes that even though it was slower, it was still an important day:  “Today was so different than the rest of our time here in Greece. It was slow and methodical at times, driving for hours rather than walking for miles, but it was extraordinary and so deeply impactful for all of us. We had the joy and privilege of visiting refugees where they lived and meeting important needs in such a personal way. And the baby snuggles were a pretty great bonus on top of all that!”

When they arrived, Team 54 was greeted as family. Kalinikta notes that the team was so inspired by the hope they saw:  “I was immediately amazed by how much these wonderful people made their very difficult situation feel like a warm home where we could have happily spent the afternoon sipping chai and laughing together. As we journeyed from one home to the next, it was always the same—they made us feel like old friends they had been expecting for a visit. The most heart-warming moment of all though was probably when they showed us the new born baby kittens they had rescued and made part of their loving home.”

Even though the day was tiring, Kalinikta writes that the team was refreshed by all they had experienced:  “Driving back, most of us passed out hard from all the goings on of the day, but we still had enough energy to swing by the Hope Cafe for a quick visit and then hefted the remainder of our supplies up to the elevator that leads to our apartment. Riding in a elevator so full of diapers that there was barely enough room for me was a new experience! Somehow, it was the perfect cap to the day. Now, as we kick back and prepare for another day of adventure tomorrow, I know we will all sleep soundly full of the wonderful experiences Greece and the beautiful people here have given us.”

Kalinikta’s experiences remind us that even the smallest gestures can make a difference.

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Written by Gwen Skar