Because of Carry the Future’s amazing donors, we are able to help so many refugees on every distribution trip. Read on as Jen recounts the impact #CTFTeam54 is already having in Greece.

Jen has already been on several distribution trips with Carry the Future:  “This is my fifth Carry the Future trip since February 2016. Each trip brings new relationships and experiences as well as joys and heartaches. This team is comprised of me and students from the University of New England, including one Masters in Public Health student and two College of Medicine students. Their excitement and passion to make the world a better place has been inspirational. I am incredibly lucky to be their team coordinator.”  

Upon arrival, Jen and the team were greeted with support and gratitude:  “I felt like I had arrived at my home away from home as we exited customs and were warmly welcomed by Stamos and Opa Taxi. Seeing his smiling face reminded me of the community who cares about and supports the work of Carry the Future. And that has been the theme for me over the past few days—deep gratitude for all the people and organizations doing work behind the scenes to support everyone on the front lines.”    

The team has been busy helping get food to all of those who need it:  “On Saturday and Sunday, we helped prepare and distribute dinner in two city squares in the center of Athens. Our team and volunteers from other organizations were chopping food, cooking, and passing it out to those who were hungry and needing nourishment.” As usual, our volunteers are grateful for all that our donors share with us:  “The meal could not have happened without the donations from bakers, growers, and other vendors. There was even the man on the sidewalk who helped me navigate parallel parking the van in city traffic to unload the meal!”

They’ve also been helping in other areas:  “Today we assisted with English classes to children and adults. Some of the teachers are also volunteers who are being supported by family, friends, and schools to make it possible to be doing this work—just like our group!” Don’t forgot the moms and babies! “We were also able to provide a baby bundle with baby supplies and a carrier to parents who will give birth tomorrow to their second child.”

Jen reminds us why our donors are so vital to our mission:  “While I was the person handing out the supplies, it was the donors who made it all possible. Carry the Future and other organizations might be the faces to humanitarian aid on the ground, but only because of many unseen heroes. During a time of tension in our world, it is working at the grassroots level bringing people together to support each other that makes me continue to be optimistic and hopeful.” Every donation helps Carry the Future make an impact. Thank you to our donors for helping us accomplish #somuchgood!

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Written by Gwen Skar