When our volunteers go on distribution trips, they change the world. On a recent distribution trip, Team 52 created an opportunity that will empower many women and children. Read on for Afia’s reflections on her trip. Her experiences prove that when we come together, we can do #somuchgood!

Afia was part of a distribution team that helped build a women’s center at a refugee camp:  “Going on a distribution trip with Carry The Future gave us the amazing and unique opportunity to build a Women’s Center at the camp, which is home to over 1400 people.” All of the good that Team 52 was able to do, however, would not have been possible without the generosity of others:  “We wanted to make as much of an impact as possible, so before arriving in Greece, we collected funds from family and friends. Because of the generous donors back home, we were able to shop for all the needs of the Women’s Center.”

Immediately, it was apparent to Afia and the rest of Team 52, that they were creating something special. This was not just a structure, it was something that would make a difference:  “The Women’s Center is integral because of the opportunities it provides. The Center is a communal space used by women and children for activities, classes, and self-organized celebrations.” Aside from a chance for relaxation or enjoyment, it also provides an opportunity for healing:  “professionals will be able to use the Center for therapy sessions or focus groups.” Afia reported that it is already being used to help women: “Just two weeks after Team 52 completed the Women’s Center, Amurtel (an international grassroots organization managed by women specifically for the needs of women and children), organized a reproductive health group there!”

When it came time to return home, Team 52 left knowing they had created a much needed space:  “Overall the purpose of the Women’s Center is to empower women, promote a sense of self accomplishment, and create a safe space to exercise advocacy according to each woman’s needs.

Afia was so inspired by the work her team was able to do:  “Seeing how influential the Center will be, makes me wish I could help build a Women’s Center at every camp!”

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