At Carry the Future, we care about all children. As a pandemic sweeps throughout the globe, life is hard for all the little world changers out there. We know that many parents and caregivers are tackling multiple roles, including trying to act as teachers right now. When you’re unable to go anywhere, books can take you on wild adventures to places outside the walls of your home. Each week, we’ll be bringing you a virtual story time with discussion questions and activity ideas.

Most libraries and bookstores are closed now, but check out their websites. While they may be physically closed, many public libraries offer access to downloadable ebooks and audiobooks. Some even offer curbside pickup!

My Two Blankets by Irena Kobald and Freya Blackwood is a beautiful story about a young girl who moves to a new land. Feeling out of place, she finds comfort in a blanket, but soon meets a new friend. Click below for a virtual story time to view with your child.

After viewing, discuss the story with your child. Below are a few key questions to get the conversation going.

Discussion Questions

  • Have you ever felt like you were “under a waterfall?”
  • When?
  • What helps you feel like you?
  • What helped Cartwheel begin to feel better about her new home?
  • How would you feel if you were in a new place?
  • How can you be a friend to someone who’s out of place?


You will need an old cloth, sheet or towel. Have your child make a “blanket” covered in things that make them feel at home. Get creative!

  • Glue on pictures of friends, pets, and family.
  • Draw favorite colors or shapes using paint or markers.
  • Glue on sequins or colorful gems.
  • Pin or attach small toys.
  • Write song lyrics.

Remember to check back every week for another story time and craft!

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