The Coronavirus Pandemic has has changed our lives quite dramatically over the last few weeks. Many of us are suddenly working from home while simultaneously trying to homeschool our kids. Because of this, we can begin to feel overwhelmed. You might be thinking “Between work, school, parenting, and cleaning, how am I ever going to make a difference in the world?”

Most likely, this pandemic will be something we remember all our lives. Let’s use this experience to further educate our kids and empower them to make a difference in the world!

1. Talk About It.

World changers are kids who can express their feelings. Give your child the opportunity to express their feelings about the changes they are facing. Let them ask questions and name their fears. You can talk about why it’s important to stay home, check in on the elderly, and give to folks who are in need. After all – we’re all experiencing this pandemic.

2. Read, Read, READ.

World changers step outside their world. While many libraries have closed, there are plenty of virtual and digital options to find books. We’ve got lots of recommendations for books about refugees. Click below to find books by age group:

Picture Books About Refugees

Books About Refugees for Lower Elementary

Books About Refugees for Upper Elementary

Book About Refugees for Teens

Books About Refugees for Grown-Ups

3. Get Creative!

World changers learn about the world through art, food, and creativity.

Soothe yourself with our free coloring printable.

Get inspired by the Syrian Refugee Art Initiative.

Learn to cook something from another country.

Make some African paper beads.

africa beads
Photo via Crayola

4. Take a Virtual Trip!

World changers have a worldview that accounts for the world. While travel is difficult right now, Google Earth is a great way to take a trip to a faraway place. You can stand at the base of the Eiffel Tower or visit Petra and the Dead Sea. Additionally, there are many television programs that help us “travel the world” from home. Whether you are searching for shows about food, culture, or wildlife around the world, you’ll be sure to find something that meets your interests. Check out Planet EarthBizarre FoodsHuman Planet, and Wild Kratts, for starters.

5. Say Yes to Soap!

World changers make a difference. We all have been washing our hands like crazy lately. Our refugee friends need to be able to wash their hands too! You can donate just $1 to provide a bottle of soap to a refugee family. Maybe your kiddo wants to donate their allowance, or maybe they can earn a few bucks by doing some extra chores. Let them be a part of making a difference!