We’ve almost made it. Summer is almost over. Hopefully, your summer has been one to remember! Now, we hear those dreaded words: back to school. It’s time to start prepping your kids by imposing bedtimes, getting back into a routine, and buying school supplies. With this in mind, we suggest “Back to School” be your motto when it comes to raising world changers.

books refugeesBook: With the start of a new school year, comes the chance for your child to meet new friends at school. Some of these new friends may be refugees who are not only new to the school but also to the country. Being new can bring up all sorts of feelings like anxiety and fear, but if your child can empathize, she may be able to help a new student feel more comfortable. The National Education Association suggests many wonderful books, for different age levels, about refugees starting over in a new country. Our favorites include I’m New Here by Anne Sibley O’Brien, The Colour of Home by Mary Hoffman and Karin Littlewood, and Outcasts United by Warren St. John. You can find an in depth list on their website.

world changers

Image via My Kid Craft

Craft: Approximately 1.4 million refugees comes from South Sudan making this one of the top three nations with displaced persons. Years of war and strife have had a detrimental effect on the nation, but residents are attempting to help their country repair itself. One way they are doing this is through beadwork. Beadwork has a long and impressive history in South Sudan. In South Sudan, beads have been used as currency, adornment, artistic expression, and even to denote one’s social class. Take some time with your child to learn more about the history of beadwork in South Sudan, then get inspired to create some of your own. You can also help the women of South Sudan restore their country through a donation or a purchase of beadwork.

Image via Taste of South Sudan

Recipe: Not only does South Sudan have an impressive history of beadwork but it also has a rich and diverse cuisine that is not often acknowledged. Try your hand at one or two Sudanese recipes this August. Taste of South Sudan has some amazing recipes that you can easily make at home.

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Service Project: Buying back to school supplies can be a fun experience for you and your child; however, the reality is that back to school supplies are expensive and all families cannot afford them. This month, we suggest donating back to school supplies or volunteering with a backpack drive. Every year, Feeding America does backpack food drives throughout the nation. A donation of your time, money, or supplies can help a family feel more secure about sending their child off to school.

Thank you for making this the summer of raising world changers! You can still continue many of the lessons and activities we recommended even though summer is over. You don’t have to do anything elaborate, just #dosomething to keep those world changers motivated and learning.

Written by Gwen Skar