Here’s to the distribution teams that remind us why Carry the Future’s mission is so vital! Read on as Team 55’s Tom recounts the excitement and gratefulness of the refugees they’ve helped so far.

When Team 55 landed in Greece, they immediately sprang into action: “We hit the ground running today after traveling through many airports and arriving around 8:30 pm last night. We met our partners and drove two vans loaded full of children’s clothes to the camp to distribute.”

We met our partners and drove two vans loaded full of children’s clothes to the camp to distribute.

Team 55 had so many things to offer the refugees in camp, including toys for the children. Imagine the joy on the children’s faces when they each received their own doll:  “Thanks to our partner, Dolls of Hope, we also shared many stuffed bears and dolls that were made with much love. Hours after children chose their doll or bear, we saw many walking and hugging them with two hands full of affection. So much good and so much love for the children!” Dolls of Hope has provided so many cherished items to child refugees around the world. We are so thankful for our partnership with them!

Even though Team 55 felt rejuvenated by distributing the dolls and stuffed animals, they still faced an obstacle:  “The distribution here was a bit more challenging than usual because of some uncertainty about where we could stage it. With great flexibility, the team persevered, and we ended the distribution with many happy families and children.” The distribution was a success, providing necessities for every refugee child:  “Fortunately, we had enough aid so that each child could choose four items and shoes!”

While this may seem like a simple action, Tom reiterates the importance of this event: “For many of the people in the camp, this is first time since arriving that they received new clothes. Most importantly, they could select the items that they wanted, which provides them with a sense of dignity. Such a great reminder that all people, especially refugees who risk great danger and difficulty to find a better and safer life for their family, deserve dignity!”

Even the locals were eager to help:  “Following the distribution, we had a quick meal thanks to a man in the community who prepares and donates a simple meal for all volunteers that support refugees. The silent heroes of our time, who never seek attention or adulation, never cease to amaze us. Actions like this remind us that there is hope, and that hope is personified by those who are willing to help one person at a time day after day.”

Toward the end of the day, the team shopped for toiletries and diapers for another distribution.

Team 55’s work was not finished:  “Toward the end of the day, we shopped for toiletries and diapers and sorted women’s clothes. We ended our day by fitting new refugee moms and babies with carriers.” Look at how much good Team 55 accomplished! Thank you, Team 55, for all you did to provide refugees with necessities and a sense of solidarity!

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Written by Gwen Skar