Carry the Future is 100% volunteer run by a worldwide network of dedicated staff who work daily to ensure that our organization is strong and growing, and all the while it is supported by the over 6,000 volunteers active throughout four continents of the world. With our volunteers and staff and your generous donations, we are aware of immediate needs and are able to consistently provide aid on the ground to refugees living in Europe, the Middle East, and beyond. We are proud to begin sharing some of the amazing work that you have helped us do in our new series, On the Ground.

playground refugee campOne of the best sounds in the world is children laughing. Parents proudly watching their children climb a play set to attempt things they were too shy to try before. Kids running around- making new friends and playing pretend. Toddler giggling, as they clap and go down a slide. Some of our best childhood memories revolve around a playground. It’s a wonderful place for children to grow, interact with others, and simply be kids.

Many refugee camps lack the things that make our lives normal, that allow kids to be kids. Already exposed to war, famine, or tragedy, these children are in need of normalcy. On distribution trips, our volunteers notice many children playing with discarded items, turning whatever they can find into a toy or playground. Carry the Future, with our partners Bridge 2 Refugees and Refugee Support Greece, decided to do something about that.

refugee camp playgroundrefugee camp playgroundplayground refugee campWith your help, we were able to deliver and install playgrounds in refugee camps, giving children a place to be a kid. For however brief, these precious children can do something normal. They can have an important part of their childhood back, when so much else has been taken away. They can laugh and grow and play.

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*Photos provided by Bridge 2 Refugees