Nurturer. Sustainer of life. Leader. Giver of unconditional love. All of these words and more describe what it is to be a mother.  Whether you are the kisser of boo-boos, the best pancake maker in town, or the one who provides a constant source of love and security, Mother’s Day is all about honoring you. This Mother’s Day, Carry the Future honors motherhood by thanking the many women who keep this organization running. (Did you know that our organization is almost entirely woman run? More than 95% of our volunteers are women!) Without these strong, resilient, and empowering women, we would not be able to continue helping refugees.

For many of us, motherhood is one of the most beautiful journeys we will ever take, but it can be burdensome at times. Some of us are ready for it. Some of us are aching for it. Some of us fear it. All because we know what comes with it:  sacrifice, heartbreak, frustration, joy, the greatest love you will ever know, and countless other emotions that are difficult to name. Knowing the difficulties and joys of motherhood has inspired many of our volunteers to get involved. For Ariel Emery Butler, Social Media Officer, volunteering for Carry the Future is a way to make the world a better place:  “It means that I can put my small bit of good together with lots of other someones to do something to help refugees. And something is better than nothing.” Thank you, Ariel, for all of the “somethings” that you have done to help refugees! 

carry the future momsMotherhood takes many shapes. The most easily recognized is that of mother to child, but it does not have to end there. Motherhood can be in the form of a mentor, friend, or relative:  anyone who plays an important role in a person’s life. The influence of mothers spreads far and wide. All of our volunteers—female or male, mother or father, parent or non-parent—influence the world in so many ways. Working with Carry the Future is a powerful reminder to all of us that our influence can easily be spread through our words and actions. Lacy Stroessner, Community Response Officer, is in awe of how volunteering for Carry the Future has affected her family:  “The most surprising part of being involved with Carry the Future has been the conversations I’ve been able to have with my young daughters. While I know that my morals and actions will affect my children and the way they see the world, I never realized how acutely interested they’d become in righting the world’s wrongs now. What an incredible thing to be a part of!” Thank you, Lacy, for raising those courageous world changers!

carry the future momsAs women, we can honor motherhood by empowering, uplifting, and supporting one another. Carry the Future’s Chief Staff Engagement Officer, Taryn Ward, thinks it all comes down to “Solidarity.” Indeed, it does. Our common purpose in helping refugees is what unites Carry the Future volunteers around the world. Every Carry the Future volunteer embodies the #candosomething spirit which drives our mission. Whether it’s hosting a diaper party, going on a distribution trip, or helping to file important paperwork, solidarity is what unites our volunteers. Thank you, Taryn, for embodying the spirit of solidarity in everything you do for Carry the Future!

carry the future momsAt Carry the Future, we want all moms to feel honored, appreciated, and valued. This Mother’s Day, we ask you to make a commitment to honoring motherhood. Volunteering for Carry the Future has done just that for Jennifer Campos:  “Carry the Future gives me the opportunity to be of service in some way to people who are suffering across the globe. The world will look back on this crisis in years to come, and I will be able to say I did what I could to help, with the skill set that I have. I’m not good at ‘boots on the ground’ service. But I’m excellent at what I do for CTF, so that’s what I contribute.” Everyone can do something. Thank you, Jennifer, for all that you contribute to Carry the Future!

carry the future moms

At Carry the Future, our mission is centered around providing aid with dignity to refugee families. Without the work of our volunteers, we would not be able to accomplish our mission. Today, we honor our volunteers by reminding them how significant their influence is. Thank you to all of our volunteers! Because of you, the world is a much better place.

Written by Gwen Skar