Carry the Future is all about families. This month, we want to celebrate an often overlooked person – Dad.

When our volunteers go to the camps and fit baby carriers, the fathers are just as proud to carry their children. They’ve led their families through war, scarcity, and dangerous travels, but the smiles the dads have for their children shows how deep their love truly goes. fathers



Amidst all the chaos of the camps and trying to begin a new life, these fathers remain steadfast beacons for their families. They reserve their biggest smiles and deepest laughs for their children.

On the surface, many of our initiatives seem to benefit mothers and children, but baby carriers, diapers, baby beds, and bundles of joy are for the WHOLE family. Fathers in the camps are just like our own fathers – full of love and pride for their families.

Among our staff are dads determined to Carry the Future and make life better for others. Without these volunteers, Carry the Future wouldn’t be the same.


Eric Sieckmann has served as our treasurer almost since the beginning. He works tirelessly to ensure that donations go toward needed projects. None of our projects would be possible without him. Eric has two little girls, with another little one on the way. In his heart, the families in the camps are no different than his own. We’re proud to have him on our team!

Jeremy Kramer is dad to a toddler, a public school teacher, and a freelance graphic designer. Have you seen our recent infographics? He’s the man behind the magic. Without his help, we wouldn’t be able to spread the word about our many amazing drives. He’s helped us Carry the Future and we’re grateful for all his work.

Of course, we could go on and on about the dads we know who inspire us, give their time and energy to serve others, and love our children so well.

This month, we want to celebrate ALL the fathers. From the many dedicated volunteers we have on our staff to all the refugee dads we’ve met along the way. We couldn’t Carry the Future without you! Happy Father’s Day to you!

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