At Carry the Future, we know that quarantine is difficult and isolation can feel overwhelming. Let’s continue to keep the human spirit alive as we remember how connected we all are through a family storytime.

Four Feet, Two Sandals is a story of friendship in a refugee camp. Two refugee girls learn about sacrifice and sharing. 

Click below for a virtual storytime:

Use the following prompts to help your child process the story.

Discussion Starters:

  • Why did the girls only have one shoe?
  • How must it feel to not have shoes for two years?
  • Have you ever donated your clothes or toys? Who do you think receives them?
  • How does it feel to share something you really wanted or needed with a friend?
  • The girls are in a camp, just waiting until they can go to their new home. You may be at home, waiting until you can go out and play with your friends. What is it like to wait in uncertainty? 


Brainstorm with your child on ways you can share with others. Perhaps you could leave some groceries on your elderly neighbor’s doorstep. Drop off canned goods at a local food bank. Maybe you could donate used clothes or toys. Your child can help make bears or Dolls of Hope for refugee children. The possibilities are endless. 

After doing your activity, have your child imagine the person on the receiving end. Allow them to draw or write what that person’s life is like and how they must have felt to receive. Allow your child to draw themselves and how it feels to share.

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