Do Something is our series focusing on volunteers who go out of their way to DO SOMETHING incredible to raise awareness and help refugees. From hosting a diaper party to sewing handmade dolls, our volunteers are making a big difference. No matter your project, we want to share it with our global community. Today, we are proud to share how one Carry the Future volunteer uses her skills to bring joy to refugee children.

“We have much for which to be grateful and the fate of any of these families could be ours in a different life.” These wise words come from a woman who felt compelled to #dosomething to improve the lives of refugees: Susan Workman. An early childhood educator for over 40 years, Susan is now retired but still using her skills to bring joy to children. Teachers are known for their dedication and passion for helping those in their charge, and Susan is no different: “I have a passion for young children and those who are trying to raise them.” After retiring, Susan decided to put that passion to work by creating items that will bring refugee children a feeling of joy and security: “I make baby blankets, quilts, caps and mittens, and taggie toys for the littlest ones…it gave me a way to be involved.”

carry the future do somethingSusan’s journey began with the Craft Hope Facebook page. There, you can see glowing recommendations of Susan’s work as well as descriptions of how much love she puts into each piece she creates. Eventually, Susan found out about Carry the Future’s work through the Me2You program which is a campaign that sends handmade items to refugee children in the camps we serve. After that, she began making dolls for Dolls of Hope: “When Dolls of Hope became a partner I was thrilled! I love making softies to bring comfort and joy to children.” Susan usually donates around 30 dolls a month! And believe it or not, each doll she creates is completely unique!

me2you carry the futureSusan became involved with Carry the Future because she felt a need to #dosomething to make the world a better place. Through her handmade items, she shows how much impact we all can make. Susan plans to continue her work with Carry the Future, setting some amazing goals for herself:  “My current goals are to send a box of dolls and bears to Dolls of Hope each month and to send 100 blankets a year to Carry the Future.”

Thank you, Susan, for bringing comfort and joy to so many refugee children. Your work is truly making the world a better place.

Interested in making blankets, hats, and dolls? We are still accepting handmade items! Click here for more information.

Written by Gwen Skar