Do Something is our series focusing on volunteers who go out of their way to DO SOMETHING incredible to raise awareness and help refugees. From going on a distribution trip to hosting a diaper party, our volunteers are making a big difference. No matter how big or small your project is, we want to share it with our global community. We have just kicked off our Annual Diaper Drive, so today we’re happy to share stories from diaper parties across the globe!

diaper partyAt Carry the Future, we believe that we can all #dosomething, and hosting a diaper party is something that anyone can do. According to those who’ve held a diaper party, hosting is easy, inspirational, and helps spread information and awareness about the refugee crisis. Best of all, diaper parties are a fun way to provide refugees worldwide with access to fresh diapers. 

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Uzma Jafri, Carry the Future volunteer from Phoenix, Arizona, held a diaper party last year that was a huge success: “Phoenix hosted a refugee baby shower with Syrian Refugee Connection, outfitting 14 brand new or expecting moms with all kinds of baby equipment. Most importantly, each mom received close to a year’s supply of diapers! 10,562 diapers and 5,580 wipes were collected and distributed to refugee families in need.”

Sara Gilliam, Carry the Future volunteer and board member, held a party in her hometown in Nebraska last year, which more than 50 women attended. Her party also got the local refugee community involved: “The party was catered by a local Syrian refugee who is an amazing chef! We raised more than $1,400 in cash donations for Carry the Future’s diaper fund, plus online donations, and collected more than 80 cases of diapers, which we donated to Catholic Social Services, our local refugee resettlement agency, as well as personally to local refugee families with babies and toddlers.”

Jennifer Capasso, another Carry the Future volunteer, held a very successful corporate drive at her workplace: “As of right now, we’ve collected 30,252 diapers exceeding our original goal of collecting 25,000 diapers!” They are still collecting diapers and money for the diaper fund, so there’s no telling how much good they will be able to do!

diaper partyJen Lyons, Carry the Future volunteer from Seattle, Washington, wanted to show her friends and family how easy it is to #dosomething, so she held a diaper party to bring awareness:  “I thought a diaper party would be an easy way to help my friends and family to get involved, and I was also excited that in addition to supporting Carry the Future with monetary donations, the diapers we collected at the party would go to one of my favorite organizations here in Seattle, the Refugee Women’s Alliance.

Jen notes that her party was successful because everyone was willing to donate, even those who could not attend: “We collected almost 3,500 diapers and at least 25 individual donations online to Carry the Future. What made it such a success is that in addition to the people who came to the party, when people RSVP’d that they couldn’t come, I asked for a donation. Many people either donated directly on the Carry the Future website, had diapers shipped to my home, or gave me money to purchase more diapers. I also invited people who lived out of town, knowing that they couldn’t come in person, but would likely still donate.”

diaper partyCarry the Future is thankful for each individual who has donated diapers, wipes, money, and time to our Annual Diaper Drive! If you are interested in hosting a diaper party, CLICK HERE. It’s not too late, because diapers are always needed. Thank you for DOING SOMETHING by making a difference in the lives of refugee families.

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Written by Gwen Skar