Seeing the need of refugee mothers and fathers alike is what birthed Carry the Future. Over two years later, we have over 6,000 volunteers worldwide working dutifully to help refugees. While it is true that we are primarily a group of women, we have some equally amazing men changing the world as well. Volunteers are the backbone of Carry the Future. They are proof that anyone, regardless of age, skill, or gender, can do something to make the world a better place.

dads world changersDavid Hansen is a civil engineer just outside Salt Lake City, Utah. He’s a father of five and a grandpa to 17 grandchildren! David began volunteering with Carry the Future in November 2015 at the behest of his wife, Leann (Global Distribution Officer). Since he began, he has been busy with baby carrier drives, diaper parties, transporting donated items, and being a member of several distribution trips.

For David, the distribution trips have been the most impactful experiences:  “During our trip we provided support to various families, helped with a food kitchen preparing and serving food to those in need one night, transported baby beds to areas needing them and to a more local storage facility, moved and sorted baby carriers at the Athens storage facility, and obtained support items and purchased food for a camp over a three day period.”

While the work involved in the trips was inspiring, the reactions of the refugees is what inspires David to continue:  “Although there were various experiences, perhaps the one that stands out the most was delivering food and aid to a camp in Greece. The humility and gratitude of those adults and children was remarkable. One gentleman thanked me and sat me down on a chair, offering to me all he could, a firm shoulder rub.”

dads changing worldFor David, working with Carry the Future goes beyond just lending a hand. The dignity and value of every human life is what motivates him to continue being a world changer:  “Refugees are humans, fleeing for their lives, hoping to provide their children some semblance of peace. The great majority of them are educated, and leave behind, sometimes in ruins, their entire lives and life’s possessions.  Many have reluctantly left family and friends, some living, some dead. In spite of the ignorance in the world, these people need our help. They need someone who can look them in the eye and say, I care.”

dads changing world refugee campThat is the heart of Carry the Future: showing refugees that there are people who care and want to help them. Old or young, male or female, everyone can do something. Whether it’s a distribution trip or a diaper party, every action is a part of a larger story of helping refugees around the world. David’s work with Carry the Future is a reminder that “Carry the Future’s mission focuses on those perhaps most vulnerable, the women and children. They are the heartbeat of life, the hope of the future.”

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Written by Gwen Skar