Dads are generally known to be the steadfast, stoic, and strong parent. Generalizations, however, rarely carry much weight in the real world. Dads can also be nurturing, kind, and giving. The dads involved with Carry the Future are just that: individuals who were called to help because of the atrocities they saw happening in our world. Many of Carry the Future’s world changers are men who want to uphold the value and dignity of every person by doing something.

dads world changersTom Cartwright, a retired banker, always wanted to volunteer; however, his career kept him busy with travel. Now that he’s retired, he is giving a lot of his time to Carry the Future, particularly with our distribution trips. He began working with Carry the Future after his daughter began following our organization on Facebook:  “The mission really resonated with me and it seemed to be a place where resources from our country were way too scarce, so I decided to get engaged directly and volunteered for a distribution trip.”

And that’s what he did. Tom went to Greece last December to help deliver food and clothing. Being there at Christmas made the experience even more special: “It was a special time to be there to see the year turn hoping and knowing that we perhaps made some people’s lives a little better with dignity and grace. We were a small team, just 3, but we accomplished much delivering much needed food to one camp, working in a wood shop in another (my colleagues in crafts, sewing and kitchen) and delivering much needed clothes in another.” This trip was so impactful that Tom plans to lead another distribution team this spring.

dads world changers

Carry the Future’s distribution trips cover so much more than the necessities. While we provide blankets, food, and baby boxes, we also work to provide a sense of dignity for refugees. When Tom was in Greece, he helped with a boutique shop:  “It was built with a vision of allowing refugees to, with great dignity, shop for their own cloths as if they were in a mall. We had the honor of opening these stores for the first time and serving the refugees and helping them choose and even try on their clothes. The children could also choose 2 toys in the playroom. It was an amazing feeling to see the radiant smile of happiness and maybe even hope as we served them.”  This sense of nurturing the individual and not just the need is what drives Tom to continue working with Carry the Future.

Tom’s work with Carry the Future exemplifies the can do something attitude that we cultivate. No matter your skill set, no matter where you live, no matter your age, no matter your gender, you can do something:  “Without the volunteers making donations, financial and material, and the wonderful and extremely capable organizational volunteers the distribution of aid to these families would not be possible, and that is the mission. There are many roles and they all are critical to the mission of helping some of the most vulnerable and courageous people in the world as they seek a way to make a better life for their families.” Carry the Future is lucky to have such an empowering and inspiring volunteer in Tom Cartwright.

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Written by Gwen Skar