Today’s technological world allows us to experience many amazing things. With the push of a button, we can see the world’s most beautiful forests or experience life in a foreign city. Today’s technology allows us to the see the beauty of the world, but it also allows us to experience the suffering in the world. Everyday, we can read news about the suffering of refugees from Syria or those who lost their lives in the capsizing of the boat near Agathonisi. Knowing what is occurring in the world allows us to do something, or find a way to have compassion for those who are thousands of miles away. However, when we are inundated with all of the violence and persecution in our world, it can be overwhelming. At Carry the Future, we strive to share the stories of strength and resilience of the families we serve, who have gone through enormous hardship.

compassion fatigue

In our cozy, secure world, it is easy to brush aside or forget the suffering of others who feel worlds away. It can be easy to put down the phone or turn off the tv and go back to our comforts. While this may be necessary, we still have a responsibility to care for humanity. After all, those in need—namely refugees—don’t get to take a break from their suffering. Whether they are still experiencing a war-torn homeland or finally settling into a refugee camp, they are experiencing hardship. Every day may present a new terror or difficulty that they must experience, so we cannot tire in our efforts to help them. We must come alongside refugees in the midst of their hardship and then cheer them on as they improve and sustain their lives.

compassion fatigue

There are many ways to get involved with Carry the Future that don’t require you to be flooded with the overwhelmingly negative refugee news. In fact, many of our volunteers have experienced a decreased sense of helplessness by getting involved and doing some good. One easy, but very important, way you can do something is through monthly donations to Carry the Future.

“Working for Carry the Future took me from helpless to hopeful. The enormity of the refugee crisis used to weigh me down. I used to think there was nothing I could do about the tragedies happening thousands of miles away from me. Now, I know better. I know that we all can use our talents for good. I know that my work with Carry the Future is part of a much larger story. When we all do a little bit, we can make a real and lasting impact on this world.”  —Lacy, Community Response Officer

Donating is so easy—just click here. It is a simple process to set up a monthly donation. Our monthly donors play a vital role. These donations provide the resources Carry the Future needs to continue our relief efforts. Your monthly donation can help provide child carriers, baby beds, food and other survival items; in other words, your donation can go a long way toward helping refugees.


Written by Gwen Skar