Activating their network of over 6,000 volunteers globally, Carry the Future took the #1 spot in the Starbucks “Upstanders Challenge” Contest. Vying for 25 grants of $25,000 each from the Starbucks Foundation, volunteers and supporters from across the world came together to post the most videos and garner the most votes for Carry the Future.

According to Starbucks Foundation, the “Upstanders Challenge” was created to highlight ordinary people and grassroots charities “doing extraordinary things to create positive change.” A volunteer-run, 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Carry the Future provides humanitarian aid to refugee families around the world. As a volunteer-run organization that dedicates entirely all funds directly to the cause, Carry the Future announced they will devote the Starbucks Foundation grant to expand emergency aid to new refugee populations in Greece, Jordan and further afield.

“I’ve never been prouder than watching our volunteers posting and voting for videos at such a rapid pace, driving Carry the Future to the #1 spot in the Starbucks ‘Upstanders Challenge’ Contest.” said Carry the Future founder, Cristal Logothetis. “The $25,000 grant from the Starbucks Foundation is enough to provide diapers to an entire refugee camp for a full year. It’s huge for us.”

To date, Carry the Future volunteers have also personally distributed over 18,000 baby carriers, 600 baby beds and thousands of emergency relief items to refugee families. Additional information and high-resolution images available upon request.

Composed of a global team of 100% volunteers, Carry the Future is a grassroots, 501c3 organization united in hand-delivering humanitarian aid, hope and dignity to refugee families in the form of baby carriers, baby beds, diapers and essential survival items while equipping volunteers to be a force for action and hope. As a result of Carry the Future’s outreach efforts, thousands upon thousands of refugee families have received aid worldwide.