Greetings, World Changers! Congratulations, you’ve made it to our second week of Camp Carry the Future. We hope you enjoyed learning about kindness last week.  Remember, YOU can change the world. This week, we’ll be learning all about friendship.  Listen. Learn. Do. Remember our mantra?

*Parents and caregivers, it’s best for you to guide your world changers through these activities. You can do them all in one sitting or you can break them up into chunks, whatever works best for you. We’ve provided many resources here, along with thoughtful questions and connecting points. You know your kids better than anyone, so make sure to tailor camp to fit their needs. Feel free to snap a photo of your week at Camp Carry the Future! Post it on social media with the tag #CampCarrytheFuture.

Are you excited? Let’s begin!


First, we’re going to listen to the Celebration song we learned last week. Feel free to sing and dance along. Don’t forget to have Courage the Unicorn with you.

Celebration Music (click to play)

Great singing, campers! 

Today, we will travel and meet Carly. Let’s listen to her story. Remember, parts of her story may be a bit scary, so hold tight to Courage the Unicorn. Try to feel what Carly may be feeling as she travels alone. 

Carly was alone for most of her story. How did you feel hearing about her journey? Lonely? Afraid? 

A friend made a big difference in Carly’s life. Mr. Friendly was a world changer. What are some ways Mr. Friendly showed he was a friend?

Let’s continue on our travels and meet our friend Maryam who shares an important lesson about friendship:

Can you relate to Maryam? Did you ever hurt someone’s feelings because they were different than you? Did someone hurt your feelings? What did Maryam do to make a friend? 


Now that we’ve heard two stories, we’re going to learn a little more about friendship. 

Friends can be different than us. Friends may look different or speak different languages. They may have different clothes or a different skin color. We can learn about these differences and also find things we have in common. 

Kid President (click to play)

We heard that both of them felt different sometimes. Do you ever feel different? Kid President shared some tips to making friends. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable and awkward as we saw in the video. 

What do you think goes into making a strong friendship? Some friends are going to reach us make friendship soup.

Friendship Soup (click to play)

Did that soup look good? So many great ingredients in friendship. Did they forget anything in the soup? What would you add to your recipe?

Great job, world changers. This is a long journey this week. If you need to take a break, that’s ok. You can jump back into our camp at  anytime. When you’re ready, we will travel to another country called India and learn about Friendship Day:

Friendship Day (click to play)

What a great holiday. Why do you think Friendship Day is important? 


It’s time to put your new knowledge into action, but first let’s take a break and dance!

Friendship Dance (click to play)

Now, we’re going to make friendship bands, just like in India. 

Who will you give your band to? Brainstorm ways you can be a good friend. If you see someone different than you, how will you show them friendship?

Come back next Monday for our third and final week of Camp Carry the Future!