Greetings World Changers!!

Welcome to our first week of virtual camp. Over the next few weeks we will talk about how YOU can change the world around you. We will travel around the globe with Courage the Unicorn. We’ll meet lots of friends along the way. We’ll listen to new stories and learn new things. Then, we will take what we learned and DO SOMETHING.

*Parents and caregivers, it’s best for you to guide your world changers through these activities. You can do them all in one sitting or you can break them up into chunks, whatever works best for you. We’ve provided many resources here, along with thoughtful questions and connecting points. You know your kids better than anyone, so make sure to tailor camp to fit their needs. Feel free to snap a photo of your week at Camp Carry the Future! Post it on social media with the tag #CampCarrytheFuture.

Listen. Learn. Do. That’s going to be our mantra.

Are you excited? Are you ready? Let’s get started!!! 

This week is all about KINDNESS. We’re going to talk about what it means to be kind, learn about how kindness was shown to a boy named Ali, and practice being kind in our own lives.


First, cut out and color your very own Courage the Unicorn so they can join us on our adventure. While you’re working on that, we have some music to keep you going.

Celebration Music (click to play)

Did you like the music? We’ll be listening to this song and others throughout camp. 

Now that we have Courage by our side, we’re going to travel and listen to our friend Ali tell about his long journey to Australia. World Changers take time to listen to others. As we listen, try to feel what Ali may be feeling. 


Wow, how did you feel listening to his story? Some of his story was a little scary; that’s why we brought along Courage. Take some time to feel what Ali was feeling. He was sad and scared early in the story. At the end, his family was reunited and they were happy to be together again. Even though Ali lived somewhere different than you and had many different experiences, were your feelings the same? Did you feel afraid or sad for him?

Let’s talk about kindness. Some of our friends are going to talk about what they think.

Kids talk about Kindness (click to watch)

Listening without judgment is one way we can show kindness. Ali is a refugee. What are some ways we can show kindness to refugees? What are some ways we can show kindness to others?


Now it’s time to put your kindness into action. Let’s first listen to the kindness song.

Kindness is a Muscle (click to play)

If you still feel like moving, learn the kindness dance.

Kindness Dance (click to play)

Below are a few activities you can do to bring kindness to someone else…

Kindness Activity (click to play)

Remember, being a world changer means that we LISTEN, LEARN, DO!

Grab a Kindness-themed Carry the Future shirt to benefit refugee families!

Check back next Monday for a brand new week of Camp Carry the Future!