Tucked away in the outskirts of Eastern Jordan is a small, rural village. In the past 7 years, the population has grown exponentially, with nearly half being refugees fleeing from nearby Syria. As the community has grown, so has its needs. 50% of the refugees here are school aged children with no school to attend. Women are the primary breadwinners for many of these families, as the men were lost in war. However, job opportunities are scarce.

Our partners in Jordan have made an incredible impact in this rural village, building two schools for refugee children and providing countless job opportunities where there had been none. One thing that is needed at the newest school is a community kitchen. There are trained farmers, ready to harvest food and hungry kiddos, ready to eat it. But, there needs to be a space to prepare this food and serve it to the community.

Building this community kitchen is something we want to do, but we need your help to do it.

The community kitchen will provide jobs to countless women, giving them economic opportunity to support their families. The kitchen will provide lunch to over 200 students and their teachers each school day, as well as 25 farmers and their families who live nearby. There are also plans to feed the many vulnerable families who suffer from food shortage in the community.

Community Kitchen carry the future

Architectural Renderings from EAHR

Long story short, this community kitchen is going to make a big impact. But not without your help.

community kitchen carry the future

School Construction via HRJ

School Construction via HRJ

Children need nutritious food to do well in school. Parents need jobs to support their families. Will you empower this community and give them the kitchen they really need?

Make a one-time donation today or set up a monthly recurring donation to empower refugee families on the regular.

Written by Lacy Stroessner