Carry the Future serves refugee families across four continents through a handful of meaningful and hand-picked programs. What do some of these programs look like and who do we work with to help fulfill our goals?

In many cases, we look to identify other not-for-profit organisations who reflect our mission and values–those who we can call a partner, who also serve refugee families, and who are on-the-ground in those countries where the need is greatest. You can think of it as a not-for-profit ecosystem, working together, improving reach and helping each other towards the common goal of improving the lives of refugees.

Here’s a couple ways we work with partner organisations:

One example is our partnership with Love and Serve Without Boundaries (LSWB), headed up by Maria Rouze in Athens, Greece. LSWB promotes its mission as “one love,” opening its doors to share food, essential items, social activities, and basic education to refugees and immigrants living in central Athens. Many of those who visit LSWB are refugees who are homeless, often unable to live in a refugee camp to due capacity issues. We allocate funds to help our partners, like LSWB, because it means we can help even more refugees than if we tried to do so alone.

Carry the Future has provided support to LSWB, both financially and physically through our distribution trip program. Carry the Future distribution teams have also traveled to Athens and spent time at Maria’s center.  Carry the Future worked with Maria to assess what supplies are needed most–such as diapers, baby wipes, baby beds, and feminine hygiene products–and purchased them using our donations. LSWB is purely volunteer-based, so if a Carry the Future distribution team is visiting, they’re put to work in the best way possible–handing out aid to refugees, interacting with refugees during their language classes, and helping the center with their ongoing programs.

Similarly, another partner we work with just outside of Athens is Do Your Part. Lisa Campbell manages the community center which supports refugees living in a nearby camp. They provide goods and coordinate with other non-profits, such as Carry the Future, to offer much needed services.

Recently, a Carry the Future distribution trip team traveled to the Do Your Part center, with their van loaded with baby beds, filled with supplies for newborns. Each baby bed contained two sheets, diapers, wipes, baby wash, wash cloths, mosquito net, footed sleepers, onesies, pants, hat, and a handmade cloth doll from another amazing partner of ours– Dolls of Hope. Directing the way for our volunteers, the Do Your Part team helped us to reach the nearby camp and hand out the items personally.

In northern Greece, we work closely with not-for-profit, Refugee Support Europe. Founded in 2016, Refugee Support formed in response to the growing humanitarian crisis in Europe – and with no end in sight, this group continues to provide essential supplies and resources to refugees. Carry the Future is the sole provider of diapers to the refugee populations that Refugee Support Europe serves.

You can help too. Click here to get involved. Your donation to Carry the Future can add up to a big impact in the lives of refugee families.

Written by Melissa Francis