Carry the Future is proud to announce the newest addition to our volunteer family! Amanda Nguyen, CEO and Founder of Rise, will join Carry the Future as a Public Advocate.

Nobel Peace Prize Nominee. CEO and Founder of Rise. Creator of the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights 2016. A Forbes 30 Under 30. Named The Tempest’s #1 Woman of Color Trailblazer. Recognized by Foreign Policy as a Top 100 Leading Global Thinker and Marie Claire as a Young Woman of the Year. Amanda brings an extensive background in international human rights focused on empowerment and emphasizing the voice of every person.

“We are honored to have the support and voice of Amanda Nguyen. As an advocate for women, a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, and outstanding leader who has dedicated her life to advocate for others, Carry the Future is honored to welcome Amanda to our team. As a grassroots organization run 100% by the support of volunteers around the world, we are excited to see the impact Amanda will bring to the cause of refugee families fleeing the unimaginable.”

Cristal Logothetis, Carry the Future Founder

The child of refugees, Amanda adds an authentic voice to the issues refugee families face around the world:

“As the daughter of Vietnamese boat refugees, I recognize firsthand that global women’s empowerment depends first and foremost on safety–safety to move about freely in and out of public spaces–regardless of their circumstances. Rise is working every day to ensure women’s safety across the globe, and I am proud to stand as a Public Advocate for Carry the Future and use this platform to elevate the voices of refugee women around the world.”

Amanda Nguyen, Public Advocate

Thank you, Amanda, for the wealth of knowledge and experience that you are bringing to Carry the Future!

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