It’s time for our annual Diaper Drive! Thank you for hosting a diaper party! Through your efforts, refugees both where you live and across the world will have access to fresh diapers, a basic necessity many of us take for granted. If this is your first diaper party, you may want some creative ideas to get your guests excited and motivated to diaper all the babies. While the refugee crisis is a very serious issue, that doesn’t mean your diaper party can’t be a blast! Here are 25 ways to host a diaper party

Contests that will bring all the diapers to your drive:

1. Diaper Raffle

Make sure your party goers know to bring a package of diapers to the party. When guests arrive with at least one pack of diapers, they put their name in a raffle for a fabulous door prize at the end of the shower.

2. Diaper Cake Showdown

The diaper cake is a staple of any baby shower; if you’ve been to a baby shower, you’ve seen (or maybe even received) a diaper cake. Encourage a lot of donations by offering a prize for the best diaper cake. You can even make categories:  the most creative, the pretties, the funniest, or the hottest mess diaper cake.

3. Other Diaper Crafts

Everyone has seen the diaper cake, but what about those people who are more creative or innovative? Give a prize for the most creative diaper craft.

4. Competition at Work

Maybe throwing a diaper party in your home isn’t your thing. That’s okay. Get your work involved. Suggest a department by department competition where the winner gets a longer lunch, a casual dress day, or an afternoon off.

5. Battle of the Sexes

Throw a coed shower and make it a battle of the sexes. Whichever gender donates more diapers, wins!

diaper party

Image via Over the Apple Tree

Games that will make your diaper party the talk of the town:

6. Notes of Encouragement

Provide a letter-writing station where your guests can write notes of encouragement to refugee mothers and fathers.

7. Baby Bottle Drinking Contest

Fill several baby bottles with your favorite beverage. Guests must drink as quickly as possible without removing the bottle’s nipple.

8. Baby-Changing Race

Have several dolls available for this one! Put your guests onto teams; the team that changes their babies the fastest, wins.

9. Baby Toss and Shout

Again, you’ll need a doll for this activity. Have your guests get into a circle and toss the doll to each other. When they catch the doll, they must shout something baby-related that hasn’t already been said.

10. Baby Artist

Give each guest a sheet of paper and some markers or crayons. Instruct them to close their eyes and draw a baby as best they can. The best one wins!

11. Find the Lost Sock

Split your guests into teams and give each team a bag fill with typical diaper bag apparel (diapers, wipes, bottles, toys, etc.) as well as one sock. The first team to find the lost sock wins.

12. Jelly Beans

Fill a bottle with jelly beans and have your guests guess how many are in the bottle.

13. Baby Animal Names

Provide your guests with a list of animals. They must guess what the baby of that species is called.

14. Baby Bingo

Provide each guest a BINGO card with different baby-related items listed. Every time one of those items is said, they get to cross it off. The first to get a BINGO wins.

15. Baby Word Scramble

You can find sets of these online, so there’s very little prep involved. Simply provide guests a list of scrambled words (that relate to babies), and whoever unscrambles the most correctly gets a prize.

16. What’s in Your Diaper Bag?

Again, you can easily finds sets of this game online. Provide a list of items that would commonly be found in a diaper bag and guests see who has the most. This could also work with purses if guests don’t have a diaper bag.

17. Baby Charades

Divide guests into two teams and have them act out several baby-related scenes. For example: swaddling a baby, giving birth, rocking a baby to sleep.

diaper party

Image via Mother With Dignity

Favors that will show guests your gratitude for their generosity:

18. Carry the Future Swag

We have t-shirts, notebooks, water bottles, onesies, decals, and even phone cases. Send your guests off with a reminder of the organization they just helped! Even better, all proceeds directly benefit refugees. Shop now!

19. Candles

Give your guests a votive candle they can light to show their solidarity with refugees.

20. Homemade Goodies

Make your signature dessert and package it in a beautiful gift bag for guests to take home.

21. Cookie/Cake in a Jar

You provide the dry ingredients, and your guests can make the finished product when they desire.

22. Body Scrub

Make your own body scrub to give to guests. 

23. A Potted Plant

Buy small potted plants from your local garden center, or pot your own. Either way, your guests can care for the plant, watch it grow, and remember the gift they gave to refugees.

24. Something Useful

Give your guests your favorite hand soap, lotion, or lip balm, as a way to remind them of how wonderful the simple pleasures are.

25. Baby Shower Photo Booth

Set up a photo booth with props and give your guests a copy of the photo at the end of the shower.

diaper party

Image via Pinterest

Questions about your diaper party? Click here to find all the details and FAQs. Thanks so much for getting involved and doing so much good for refugee families!

Written by Gwen Skar