Honor refugee families on their journeys 





Help us make a difference around the world. 

Hope through aid

We act nimbly to fill in the gaps by providing critical aid including clean diapers, baby beds, newborn supplies, hygiene kits, and more. 

Your monthly giving sustains our work to provide families with these basic needs.

Empowerment through impact

We fund projects that improve the quality of life for refugee and asylum seeking families stuck in transition.

These projects include women-friendly spaces, early childhood learning centers, community gardens, and much more. 

Get to know Alison Soracchi, our new board president

Alison Soracchi has been a Carry the Future team member since the beginning, and we’re excited to announce that she is the newest president of our board of directors!  Alison first got involved with Carry the Future in 2015, after she saw Cristal...

Tips for helping support refugee families in our communities 

Since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan last summer, approximately 74,000 Afghans have arrived in the United States in search of shelter and safety.    As Afghan families, and families from many other countries, started arriving in our...

Volunteer with Carry the Future in Arizona

We're thrilled to announce the return of Carry the Future in-person volunteer trips! You're invited to apply to join us for a 7-day US-based aid trip to Phoenix, Arizona, April 22-30, 2022.  The Phoenix Area is experiencing a huge influx of...

Carry the Future’s 3rd annual t-shirt design contest

Carry the Future's third-annual t-shirt design contest is here! Designers, artists, and makers of all ages are invited to submit a t-shirt design that meets the theme of "A Brighter Future."  To enter, email your or your child's design to...

World Changer Recommended Reading for Older Children (and Adults)

In previous posts, we shared recommended reading lists for different age groups. Today’s reading list focuses on older children (ages 8>) and adults. Razia’s Ray of Hope Ages 8 to 12 Razia hopes to go to school and learn. Along with her...

Get to Know the Athens Nest

By Lisa Goddard In an alley off a busy Athens street, between the smells of freshly baked spinach pastries and coffee, and the sounds of honking taxis, pigeons bob around the graffiti-painted walls of a building that, inside, emanates wonder and...

10 Ways Your Family Can Volunteer Together

It’s often challenging to volunteer with children, and many volunteer organizations have a minimum age requirement. Children often think there is nothing they can do to help. Yet there are still opportunities to incorporate even the youngest world...

4 Things We Can Do To Change The False Refugee Narrative

The world is full of false refugee narratives and information. In a post published on the World Economic Forum, Alexander Court, a Marketing Communications Lead for WEF, notes the following as the most common fallacies about refugees: Most refugees...

Raising World Changers: Reading List For Ages 3 to 10

Afghanistan. The Taliban. Refugee Resettlement. Once again, refugees are front and center in the media. While our hearts and minds yearn to DO SOMETHING, our simple acts often seem hopeless and fruitless. Yet every small act amounts to big changes...

Race for Refugees: Parkmont School

Between September 15-30, Carry the Future celebrated the second annual Race for Refugees. Students, professionals, Carry the Future staff, moms, dads, and kids from all over the world ran, walked, jogged, swam, and hiked to raise money for those...

Mission & vision

Our Mission: To unite a loving, global community with refugee children and families to bring dignity, care, and awareness to the refugee journey.

Our Vision: A world where a child’s safety and future always come first. 

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