A child's safety & future always come first

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Provide critical aid for refugee

families in need.

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Hope through aid

We act nimbly to fill in the gaps by providing critical aid including clean diapers, baby beds, newborn supplies, hygiene kits, and more. 

Your monthly giving sustains our work to provide families with these basic needs.

Empowerment through impact

We partner with trusted organizations to fund projects that improve the quality of life of the families we serve.

These projects include women-friendly spaces, playgrounds for children, community gardens, and much more. 

Mission & vision

Our Mission: To unite a loving, global community with refugee children and families to bring dignity, care, and awareness to the refugee journey.

Our Vision: A world where a child’s safety and future always come first. 

Say Yes to Refugee Families

Show up with love for the world's most vulnerable.


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